How do you say Thanksgiving in French?

The thanksgiving prayer said before or after a meal is simply "les grâces." An act of thanksgiving is called "une action de grâce(s)." Note that the word "grâce" can be singular or plural. When referring to the holiday held in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday in November and in Canada on the second Monday in October, only the initial "a" is capitalized.

- Thanksgiving prayer => prière d'action de grâces

- Thanksgiving hymns => cantiques d'action de grâces

- Thanksgiving (the holiday) => l'Action de grâces, la fête de l'Action de grâces

- Thanksgiving Day => le jour de l'Action de grâces

- Thanksgiving weekend => la fin de semaine/le week-end de l'Action de grâces

(Le jour de) l'Action de grâces OR Le Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (Day)