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Verenigde Staten, or: Verenigde Staten van Amerika, or just VS

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the 'United Kingdom' is in Dutch 'verenigd koninkrijk'

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Q: How do you say United States in Dutch?
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What are people of Dutch ancestry called?

Dutch is what people of Dutch ancestry are called in the Netherlands. They're called Flemings in Belgium. They're called Dutch American in the United States of America.

What is 'new' in Dutch?

New York is in Dutch the same.New Amsterdam was the name for the future 'New York' within the United States of America.

How do you say salida de EU in English?

Departure from the United States. The United States' Departure. Leaving the United States.

Are donuts from North America?

Yes, they are believed to have been invented in the United States by Dutch settlers.

Dutch West India Company what did they trade?

They traded with the European that came to the United States By Valentina

Which European nation was the first to stop trading African slaves to the United States in 1794?


How did slavery happen in the US?

Dutch ships brought slaves to the United States around 1619. The Dutch traded approximately 20 slaves for food and water.

All of these nations controlled territory in Africa except?

The United States

Why we say the US and not say the India?

We say "the US" or "the USA", because US stands for United States, and USA stands for United States of America. We would (and do) say "the United States" and "the United States of America", so we say "the US" and "the USA". For some reasons, Americans used to say "the Ukraine", and I cannot explain that. When Ukraine became a separate country, we had to learn to refer to it as simply Ukraine and not the Ukraine.

When did slavery bigen in United States?

The slavery began in the British Colony of Virginia in August 1619, when a Dutch privateers landed and sold twenty "Black Servants", before the United States were established.

Where do MOST Dutch people live?

IN Suriname, Canada, Australia, South Africa. New Zealand, and United States.

What does united state produce?

The United States is a major producer of Agricultural Products... The United States feeds the world so i guess you could say the United States produces life?