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How do you choose champions for evony age 2?

click on youre portrait then click on the box on the right of youre heros name

How do you embed a video into a picture on a HTML website?

YOU,just right click on it and click on embed IF THAT DOESENT WORK THEN YOURE A NOOB !

How do you change your outfit on nick?

you can click on the hanger picture(closet) in a clubhouse and click the change clothes button if youre on your profile

How many clicks does it take to eat the salad without burping on poptropica?

none! once youre in grampa's apartment click exit on the door on the right of the stove. once youre out move to the right where the elevator is and click on it. youll see a lot of numbers click on the L. that will get you in the building.

How do you change youre photo on facebook?

you go to youre profile , under youre profile picture it says change profile picture click there then it says upload a photo or download it from youre camra you can choose either one then just pick the one you want to change.

How do you get into your Webkinz?

go to webkinz.com click log in and enter youre username and password it is quite easy

How do you use the broadband on tablet?

On the ipad go into settings, then click wi fi click your network and input your pass word. Presto! Youre online

You fell at a local McDonalds and injured your knee enough that you need surgery Should you get an attorney or just wait to see what their insurance settles with?

ANSWER: Despite that Mcdonalds are the major reason for so menny people getting fat, then unless youre an ***** you should just watch where youre going and pay for youre own clumsiness..

Can you change your username on Tumblr?

youre URL? go to the blog settings which is on the right of the screen after you click on your blog.

How can you download kik on my xbox360?

yea it can just google it and click the link for kik on ISO... youre welcome

Is a skateboard safe to ride?

if you know how to yes. but if you decide to do like, professional skateboarding or skate a lot of the time, at some point youre gonna get injured.

Moshi how to visit someones house?

if u want 2 visit them when u c them in the street and when their profile comes up click the button that says visit me. alternately if they r youre friend go on 2 youre friends tree and click on them. my moshi name is angel131066 add me

Where is the quiz in moshie monsters?

go 2 youre home, on the left hand side of youre screen there is a red button labeled puzzles click on it 2 get the quiz. my moshi name is angel131066 add me

How do you change the pagelayout to landscape?

This is for windows 7-Click the window pin, Click control panel,Apperance and personalization,Under display there should be screen resolution button click it, Then look under orientation, Simply click landscape and youre done.

Create your own page?

to make a new page on (piczo) you have to go on tools and click add new page or on the list with all of youre pages click new page.

Moshi monsters how to make your pasport when monster owners click on your monster?

when u r @ home click on view profile and click through the drop down menus to select youre faves. my moshi name is angel131066 add me

How do you uninstall Mafia Wars on facebook?

Go to "settings" next to youre name up on the top of the Facebook page. Choose application settings and all youre applications will be shown. Find Mafia wars and click the X for removal.

How do you change youre pass on fantage?

first log in then click the button on the bottom right corner and on that page it will say change password

Were do you get sludge sword on aqw?

join battleon on a Sunday talk to valencia and go on daily quest click on Sunday....sludge sword quest accept it complete it turn it in and then a little box will appear click yes and then there you go you have youre very own sludge sword! note only available when the time on youre computer is Sunday

What evidence is there for the existence of Bigfoot?

If you go on google then tipe in bigfoot pictures then click on our bigfoot:bigfoot pictures sightings videos.Then when youre on it scroll down and click on a picture of him hiding behind a tree and check out the links.

How do you access youre house items on adventure quest?

Go to your inventory, Click House Items (If ya have any) or hack house item

Adventure quest worlds where is the ninja trainer?

she is in green guard west. how to get there: go to chirall valley and click on mobius then go south and youre there.

How do you put on picture on a computer without a camera?

Plug in the usb cord and go to "computer" then click on the camera and pull youre picture files from there!:)

How do you use sets on Roblox?

You use sets to put models in the sets.you can also save some Free Models into youre sets by putting youre mouse over the star in the top Left corner and click theset you want it to be in. Youre Welcome :D Please Join American Military and add the ONLY sergeant yours truly bobbobfred225

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