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How do you say dont talk to me in spanish?


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No hablar conmigo. Don't talk to me.


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You say, "No me hables así."

To say 'I have to talk' in Spanish, you would say 'Tengo que hablar.'

The best way to say "No I don't" in Spanish is to say No, no me.

say hello dont talk back

To say you do not speak spanish you would say: No habló español.

[Tu] no eres español. In the spanish language, you dont tend to say the ' tu'

no me gusta hablar por telefono accent over 2nd e in telefono

'no hable comigo otra vez' literally 'do not speak with me again' closest i could get

To say talk to you soon in Spanish you would say, hablar con usted pronto. To say okay call me, you would say bien llamarme.

You can say "No hablo mucho español."

You could say "Habla conmigo".

To say 'I am going to talk' you would say 'Voy a hablar.'

escuchar = to listen to hablar a/con = to talk to/with

Chevon Names dont change in spanish!

Here is the Spanish translation for "Talk to you tomorrow!" Hable con usted mañana!

dont talk and listen to what they say and dont innturupt to what there saying

i dont know i dont talk chinesse

Hablar mucho = to talk a lot Hable(me) mucho = talk (to me) a lot

Nice to talk with you - Encantando de hablar usted.

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