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ものすごい虎 Monosugoi tora

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How do you say tiger spirit in Japanese?

"Ki" means spirit and "tora"means tiger Kitora because in the Japanese language you say spirit first than tiger.

How do you say tiger cub in Japanese?


How do you say Tiger in Japanese?

Answertora 虎

How do you say killer tiger in Japanese?


How do you say easy tiger in Japanese?

Yasashi Tora. lol Easy tiger. Or gentle tiger

How do you say red tiger in Japanese?

赤い虎 /a Kai to ra/ would mean 'red tiger' in Japanese.

How do you say tiger when translated in English from Japanese?


How do you say fire tiger in Japanese?

hi no tora

How do you say blood tiger in Japanese?

Ketsueki tora

How do you say flaming tiger in Japanese?

hanno no tora

How do you say cub tiger in Japanese?

taigaa no ko

How do you say tiger little in Japanese?

tora no hotondo

How do you say Siberian Tiger in Japanese?

'Siberian tiger' isアムールトラ (amuuru tora) in Japanese.

How do you say white tiger in Japanese?

白虎 Byakko

Hiw do you say Fierce Tiger in Japanese?

soe de no

How do you say spirit of the tiger in Japanese?

虎の精 /to ra no sei/ would mean 'spirit of the tiger'.

How do you say air tiger in Japanese?

空気トラ which is "Kūki tora"

What was the battle cry of the Japanese leader as the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?

Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!

How do you say tiger demon in Japanese?

You may say 'oni no tora,' written: 鬼のトラ

How do you say ninja tiger in Japanese?

忍者の虎 Ninja no tora

What is the Japanese word for 'tiger'?

トラ: Tora. Tora.In Japanese, tiger is 虎 (トラ=tora, tola)

How do you say liger in Japanese?

A liger is a cross between a lion and tiger that is only bred in captivity. The Japanese word for liger is Raiga.

How do you say tigeress in Japanese?

The word 'tiger' can be translated to Japanese with the word 'tora', and, as they call a tigress a 'female tiger', you can come up with that expression by combining the word that means 'female', this is 'mesu', with 'tora', thus, 'tigress' is said 'mesu tora' in Japanese.

Ice tiger in japanese?

You could say 'koori no tora,' written: 氷の虎

How do you say tiger claw in Japanese?

虎の爪 (tora no tsume) is tiger's claw.

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