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Por fin libre

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Q: How do you say free at last in spanish?
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How do you say the word free in spanish?

Libre- free

How do you say last Friday in spanish?

Last Friday in Spanish is: el viernes pasado.

How do you say free refills in spanish?

free refills = repuestos gratis

How do you say do this last in spanish?

este último

How do you say 'last but not least' in Spanish?

Por último pero no menos is the best way to say "last but not least" in Spanish.

How do you say the last airbender in Spanish?

In truth, Its simply: The last airbender, with a spanish accent. Checked it on google translate.

What does the Epitaph on Martin Luther's tomb say in English?

Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I'm free at last."

How does a person say to be free in Spanish?

Ser libre.

How do you say for free in Spanish?

how about Gratis or Para libre

How do you say you are free in Spanish?

Tu eres libre

How do you say last offer in Spanish?

última oferta

How do you say some night in Spanish?

the last night