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How do you say good morning in Brazilian Portuguese language?


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Good morning, on the Brazilian portuguese language is " Bom dia ".

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"Porta-te bem" - informal portugal's portuguese "Porte-se bem" Formal portugal's portuguese / Brazilian portuguese

Bom dia is the Portuguese equivalent of the English phrase "Good morning." The masculine singular phrase translates literally as "good day" in English. The pronunciation will be "bohng DJEE-uh" in Carioca Brazilian and continental Portuguese.

Bom dia, príncipe! is a Portuguese equivalent of the English phrase "Good morning, prince!" The greeting translates literally as "Good day, prince!" in English. The pronunciation will be "bong DJEE-uh PREEN-see-pee" in Cariocan Brazilian and in continental Portuguese.

The Brazilian Portuguese phrase for 'good night' is Boa Noite, which is pronounced as BO-uh NOY-chee.

Bom dia! is a Portuguese equivalent of the English phrase "Good day!" The masculine singular phrase may be heard as a greeting in the morning and early afternoon. The pronunciation will be "bong DJEE-uh" in Cariocan Brazilian and continental Portuguese.

A good website that can get you started is However, it's more of the Brazilian portuguese rather than Portugal's portuguese.

Bom dia. It literally means "good day", but it is how we say good morning. The pronunciation is "bohm d'gee-ah"

Every morning is a good morning in Antarctica. If your question is a language question, your answer is available in the language of the research station where you may find yourself on any morning. There is no 'Antarctic' language.

The Portuguese equivalent of the English greeting 'good morning' is Bom dia, which is pronounced as Bone DJEE-uh.Bom diabom dia

Why would you want to speak Brazilian. Just speak sloth or antelope.

Bom dia. [Bõ- jee-a]

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This is a good place

The English equivalent of a 'good luck bracelet' in Brazilian Portuguese is the following: a fita. The Portuguese pronunciation is the following: ah FEE-tuh. The word-by-word translation is the following: 'a' means 'the'; and 'fita' 'ribbon'.

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It is bom dia, which stand for "good day" or "good morning".

Good morning 😃

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