How do you say goodbye in Flemish?

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Goodbye can be 'tot ziens' (until I see you) or 'dag' which can also be used as a greeting. It's a question of tone.
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How do you say goodbye in Singapore?

goodbye in Singapore. They have 4 languages spoken there. English, Malai, Mandarin and Tamil. English IS the primary language of the country.

How do you say goodbye in norwegian?

if you mean like bye as in see you later: hade. if you mean good bye like in I will never see you again, or I won't see you for a long period of time: Farvel Hello: "Hei" or "hallo" Good bye: "Ha det bra" or "ha det" (often written "hadet" or "hade")

How do you say hello and goodbye in Japanese?

For hello there is 'konnichiwa' and for goodbye 'sayounara'. There are other phrases too but the questions for each have already been thoroughly answered here on WA, please look them up.

How do you say goodbye in Swiss?

There's actually no such language as Swiss. Switzerland has 4 official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh . Please specify which language you want to translate into.

How do you say goodbye in Sioux language?

The Lakota, (depending on the tribe for the spelling and pronunciation), prefer not to say good bye, but rather, I'll see you soon, or "I'll see you again someday" which is spoken in an abbreviated way, "Toksha". I think the spelling is Toksha Ake. . In all actuality, there really is no word for g ( Full Answer )

How do you say goodbye in Korean?

This depends on whether or not the person you're saying goodbye to is staying or leaving:. Staying: 안녕히계세요 (annyeong geseyo) . Leaving: 안녕히가세요 (annyeong gaseyo) . Alternatively, if you know the person well (friend/family), you can just ( Full Answer )

How do you say goodbye in Paris?

\n . \ngoodbye for now = au revoir (pronounced oh-re- vwar ) goodbye for ever = adieu (pronounced a-de- yuh ) .

How do you say goodbye in chineese?

goodbye - 再见 (Zàijiàn) Btw its Mandarin or Cantonese no such thing as Goodbye in Chinese. :)

How do you say goodbye to a horse?

A horse won't understand what you are saying to them, so it doesn't matter. Saying goodbye is more for your benefit, not theirs. If you fear you may become emotional, it is best to skip saying anything at all, since crying may upset the horse.

How do you say have a good trip in Flemish?

"Have a good trip" = "goede reis" One remark: Flemish is the word people use to describe a variety of Dutch spoken in Flanders (northern Belgium). In essence Dutch and Flemish are the same, meaning people in northern Belgium do speak Dutch. Only, they speak it slightly differently (compare Americ ( Full Answer )

How can you say goodbye?

وداعا - Arabic . Довиждане - Bulgarian . Nashledanou - Czech . Farvel - Danish . Goodbye - Dutch . Head aega - Estonian . Näkemiin - Finnish . adieu, or au revoir - French . auf Wiedersehen, or (informally) schüß - German . Shalom (של ( Full Answer )

How do you say love you in flemish?

To answer your question it is ik zie je graag. but now i need something from you how to say i love you in old English my wife would love it for her birthday:) ill get some

How do you say I Miss You in Flemish?

"Ik mis je" (By the way Flemish is not a language: it's only a term to describe the 4 southern dialects of the Dutch language: West-Flemish, East-Flemish, Brabantian, Limburgish)

Does Miley say goodbye?

No, she does end up moving but moves to a ranch close by her old home. Jackson ends up moving from his new apartment to live on the ranch too. Oliver goes on tour with his band but will remain close by. If you havent seen the episode where lily moves in, she too lives with miley and the family. This ( Full Answer )

Did miley say goodbye to her mom?

the answer is obosley no, Miley Cyrus and trish Cyrus get on well together and will always be by each others side, read her book miles to go it tells you there

What is miley says goodbye about?

Its about when miley looses blue jeans her horse, she wants to move back to Nashville, TN her real life birth place.

How do you say hello and goodbye in Iraqi?

They don't speak "iraqi" they speak Arabic. A general greating in Islamic countries is 'As-Salamu Alaykum'. Basically you'd be saying 'peace be upon you'.

How do you you say goodbye in Russian?

we say пока (poka) meaning "bye" or до встречи/до свидания (do vstretchi/do svedaniya) meaning "see u"

How do you say Goodbye in Chilean?

I suppose by Chilean you mean Spanish: Goodbye in Spanish is "adiós" If you mean by Chilean some kind of native American language I'm afraid I can't help you.

How do you say goodbye in newzealand?

The official language of New Zealand is English (although Maori is referred to as the indigenous language). Goodbye in New Zealand is the same as British or American English.

How do you say goodbye in ancient roman?

In Latin you can say good-bye by using either ave or vale if you are speaking to one person. If you are speaking to more than one person you would use avete or valete.

How do you say goodbye friend in Hawaiian?

Aloha means hello, goodbye, and love. Used in the proper context - what you are saying will be obvious. However the word for friend sounds similar > The word for friend is hoaaloha. just pronounce it like: ho-aloha. So in order to not sound repetetive I would use: 'A hui hou' (pronounced: ah-hoo-we ( Full Answer )

What do German's say and do when they say goodbye?

It depends, really. In a formal setting, meaning that you don't know the person, you say Auf Weidersehn (pronounced OFF VeDEHRzain), in an informal setting, such as Tchüss (pronounced Choos). In southern Germany, you would say Servus (ZER-VUS"

Why why say good bye... goodbye?

like good have a nice day and bye as in bye! so really you are saying take care, have a nice day, see you soon, good luck, wish you the best, have fun, cant wait to see you again, ect. andd that is why GoodBye is GoodBye! youu are very welcome and have a nice dayy!! :) ( see my good bye message, t ( Full Answer )

How do you say goodbye in Egyptian?

Egyptian isn't a language, most Egyptians speak Arabic. Anyway: This is how it is written in Arabic: وداعا This is how it is phonetically: Wdāʻā Another answer: goodbye in Egyptian language is Senebti. [1]

How do you say goodbye in Poland?

I'm from Poland. "Good bye" means in polish "do widzenia" or "żegnaj". We often say "cześć" or "do zobaczenia" (see you; bye).

How do you say goodbye in Belgian?

There's no such language as "Belgian". The three official languages of Belgium are French, Flemish/Dutch, and German. In Flemish, it's goedendag

How do you phonetically say goodbye in Chinese?

The most common way to say goodbye in Chinese is 再見. In Hanyu Pinyin this is pronounced zai4jian4. In GR romanization it is pronounced tzay jiann. Another way of saying goodbye that may be easier is "拜拜" which is pronounced "bai1bai1"

How do you say goodbye in Elizabethan English?

"Fare thee well" or "farewell" are both quite common. The word "goodbye" was in the process of developing from the phrase "God be with you", which we see in the intermediate form "God b' wi' ye" in Hamlet (just before the rogue and peasant soliloquy).

Why do people say goodbye?

People say goodbye as life is very uncertain, the two may not see each other next day as one could be dead.

How do you say goodbye in Macedonia?

Like the rest of Greece. Formal: Αντίο (antío) =farewell εις το επανιδείν (eis to epanideín) =until we meet (see eachother) again. Equivalent to "aufwiedersehen" in German. Informal: Γεια σου (yia sou/ plural ( Full Answer )

How do you say goodbye in Nez perce?

There really is no word for "goodbye". You would say "until next time", or "until . i see you again"-qo'c 'ee hexnu'.

How do you say goodbye in ojibwa?

In Ojibwe you could use giga-waabamin (I shall see you); maajaan (go) is used to say farewell to someone who is leaving; gigawabamin nagutch (or naagaj ) is I will see you later; gigawabamin menawah is I will see you again; baamaapii is until later; biwabamamishinam menawah is come and ( Full Answer )

How do you say hello and goodbye in Zimbabwe?

It depends on which Zimbabwe language you want to use. please choose one of the following: . Dombe . English . Fanagalo . Kalanga . Kunda . Lozi . Manyika . Nambya . Ndau . Ndebele . Nsenga . Nyanja . Shona . Tonga . Tsoa . Tsonga . Tswa . Tswana . Venda . Zimbabwe Sign Languag ( Full Answer )

How do you say hello goodbye and how are you in Swedish?

Hello - Hej, Goddag (Hej is probably the most common, but Goddag also works even though it's a bit more formal) Goodbye - Hejdå, adjö (Same thing here, Hejdå is a bit more common than adjö witch is more formal. How are you - Hur mår du?, Hur står det till? (both works fine in any s ( Full Answer )

How do you say i love you goodbye in french?

"Je t'aime, au revoir!" or, for more formal: "Je vous aime, au revoir!" Au revoir, which is goodbye, could also be replaced by "à la prochaine" (see you later), "à demain" (see you tomorrow), etc.

How do you say goodbye in the pigeon language?

There is no such thing as pigeon language. If you are talking about "Pidgin" language, then there are hundreds of completely different Pidgins in the world. You would have to specify which one you are referring to.

How do you say goodbye in ferb latin?

You simply put your hand up to your mouth and blow. Or, if you want a word it would be something like , oodbyegerb or yeberb. You just take the front letter of a word, stick it on the end and add erb. I opeherb hatterb elpsherb. (I hope that helps)

Did Jesus say goodbye?

No. Answer: Yes. You can read about His 'farewell discourse' in the upper room in John 14.