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How do you say happy 10th anniversary in French?


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joyeux dixième anniversaire !


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happy fourth anniversary -- bon quatrième anniversaire de mariage

Heureux quinzième anniversaire.

heureux seizième anniversaire

joyeux quatorzième anniversaire

Joyeux quatrième anniversaire, bon quatrième anniversaire are the commonest ways to say 'happy fourth anniversay in French.

Joyeux trente-huitième anniversaire

"Joyeux trente-cinquième anniversaire"

No, you say Happy Birthday to someone to congratulate them on their birthday. You say Happy Anniversary to a couple who are celebrating their anniversary together.

Happy anniversary in Turkish is mutlu yillar.

erm i would say red its romantic lol :D and PS happy 10th aniversary

"Happy Anniversary" in Portuguese is "Feliz Aniversario", the same as in Spanish.

Happy anniversary, Pastor = Feliz aniversario, Pastor

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