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"Happy birthday" in Spanish is "feliz cumpleaños". It is pronounced "fay-LEASE koom-play-AHN-yose". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

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How do you say happy bday in Hebrew?

Yom huledet same'akh (יום הולדת שמח)

What should i say to a friend for support for his birthday?

Just be there for them...... or tell them happy bday what else?

How do you say i am not happy in Spanish?

no estoy feliz = I am not happy in Spanish

How do you say your bday is in Spanish?

Your birthday is = Tu/su cumplean~os es.... (informal/formal)

How do you say happy birthday to you in saurashtra language?

uga dhinu asirvad......

What does happy early birthday mean?

you are telling the happy bday before there bday cause they can't be there or won't be there

How do you say Happy Birthday to someone in Spanish?

¡Feliz cumpleaños! is how you would say Happy Birthday in Spanish.

How do you say happy on spanish?


How do you say happy in Mexican?

just to let you know...mexicans speak spanish not mexican, but happy is feliz in spanish. to be happy is alegrarse.

Happy holidays to you in spanish?

Felices fiestas would be the best way to say "Happy holidays" in Spanish.

How do you say I'm happy too in spanish?

I'm happy too in Spanish is Estoy contento también.

What is choreographer remo d'souza's mobile number?

happy bday

How do you say happy hanukkah in spanish?

Happy Hanukkah = Feliz Janucá

How do you say 'happy monthsary' in Spanish?

happy monthsary

How do you say a happy day to you in Spanish?

- Axxo

How do you say we are happy in Spanish?

Estamos contentos.

How do you say happy in Spanish for a boy?


How do I say happy may 5 in Spanish?

Contento Cinco de Mayo is Happy May 5th in Spanish.

How do you say happy land in Spanish?

Happy land in Spanish is tierra feliz. Happy land in Italian is terra felice. Happy land in French is terre heureuse.

How do you say I am happy to make you happy or something like that in Spanish?

i do not know but your momma does.

How do you say happy valentimes day spanish?

You mean "Happy Valentine's Day"?

How do you say happy Friday in spanish?

feliz viernes

How do you say have a happy Easter in spanish?

Felices Pascuas

How do you say happy birthday to you in spanish?

It is '!Feliz Cumplanos!'

How do you say i am happy in Spanish?

Yo estoy feliz!