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How do you say hooray in Dutch?


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Hoera is the word for Hurray in Dutch. Dutch is mostly used in Netherlands.

"Hooray", "hurray" and "hurrah" are all legitimate spellings for "hooray".

You say: 'Uitspreken' in dutch

How do you say Larissa in Dutch

Aloha. Answer: Hipahipa! [hee-pah hee-pah]. You MUST say it twice; this is 'hooray!'. If you only say hipa, you will be talking about a sheep. : ) A hui hou (until next time).

You can say "hey" in Dutch as well. But for saying "hello" in Dutch you can say "hallo" of "hoi".

"Hooray!" in English is Urrà! in Italian.

Slapen is how you say "Sleep" in Dutch.

In Dutch you say "interieur" or "inwendig".

No; "hooray" is an interjection -- an expression of approval that has no real grammatical meaning.

In Dutch they use "mooi." In Flemish they say "schoon" what means "clean" in Dutch.

"Ezechiël" is how you say "Ezekiel" in Dutch.

Hoe zeg je dit in het nederlands is a Dutch equivalent of 'How do you say this in Dutch'. Hoe zeg je dit woord in het nederlands is a Dutch equivalent of 'How do you say this word in Dutch'.

"my" is in Dutch "mij".

My Wife's Gone to the Country - Hooray Hooray 1909 was released on: USA: 1 September 1909

Dutch friend = Nederlandse vriend

In Dutch you say "oké" but it's basically the same.

You can say "sorry" in dutch too, or "het spijt me".

Groot But the g is hard to say if you're not dutch..

hurra, volvistes. or. hurra, regresastes

'stripes' is in Dutch 'strepen' and 'stripe' is in Dutch 'streep'.

zeggen waar de is the word for say where. This is the translation from English to Dutch.

Zus is sister in dutch.

Brass in Dutch is "brons".

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