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How do you say hugs in Spanish?


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How do you say hugs in Spanish?


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it is say... abrazo or apreton.

besos y abrazos actually means kisses and hugs

I like warm hugs = Me gustan los abrazos cálidos

You say, "¡Abrazos y besos a todos!"

Extraño sus / tus / vuestros abrazos.

Hugs in Portuguese is ABRAÇOS.

The translation for hugs and kisses is " Abrazos y Besos". I know so because I'm a Latina. That means being a Hispanic person.

The verb "to hug" in Spanish is "abrazar".

Answer: объятий (ob'yatiy)

The Spanish word "abrazos" means "hugs" in English.

You can say "Probablemente estés aburrido(a) de mis abrazos". "Aburrido" to a man, "Aburrida" to a female.

Me encanta tus abrazos.

hugs and kisses = khibukím uneshikót (חיבוקים ונשיקות)

Klemmer If you're ending a message with hugs you should write "klem" (hug)

"Beirim barróga 's póga chugat" might mean "kisses and hugs to you"

dont say anything hug him back

x is hugs and o is kisses. it goes in order like when you say "hugs and kisses". i mean no one really says "kisses and hugs". :p Not saying that is wrong but that's actually the less used interpretation. It goes OXOXOX. "O" for hugs and "X" for kisses.

Hugs and kisses is not a phrase that German speakers would use but translates as Umarmungen und Küsse.

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