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Q: How do you say hurt in Korean?
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How do you say didn't mean to hurt you in Korean word?

sorry bout dat!

How do you say Diana in Korean?

How to say diana in korean

How do say where are you in Korean?

This is how you say where are you in Korean 어디에 초청합니다

How do you spell or say Brayden in Korean?

how do you say Braidyn in korean

How do you say Be Quiet in Korean?

To say be quiet in Korean you say Ne how le sung

How do you say Jesus Loves You in Korean?

how to say Jesus loves you in korean. how to say i forgive you

How do you say good afternoon in Korean?

there is no such thing as good afternoon in Korean ! If you dont believe me I have 1 thing to say I AM KOREAN! my Korean name? 김해순

How do you say i know Korean' in Korean?

the sentence to say I know Korean in korean would go like this. 나는 한국어를 알아.

How do you say I'm your number 1 fan in Korean?

how to say im your fan in korean

How do you say will in Korean?

Will is 미래 in Korean.

How do you say 'very true' in Korean?

To say the words very true in Korean you would say maeu sasil.

How do you say chicken in Korean?

you say chicken in Korean like dalk (닭)

How Do You Say Bubbles In Korean?

To say 'bubbles' in Korean, you just say bubbles, but say it so it sounds like 'Booblies'.

You were HURT in Korean language?


How do you say 'you are welcome' in Korean?

''cheonmaneyo'' in Korean

How do you say naked in Korean?

Nagasuka is the word naked in Korean.

How do you say 'I am in love' in Korean?

The way to say 'I am in love' in Korean is 나는 사랑에 빠졌어.

How do you say sixtey in Korean?

60 in Korean is 육십

How do you say Halloween in Korean?

Halloween in Korean Chuesok

How do you say blue in Korean?

Blue in Korean is chaahng.

How do you say Korea in Korean?

Korea in Korean is "hanguk"

How do you say sunbae in Korean language?

In Korean, it is 선배

How do you say Korean in Korean?

han guk oh

How do you say crazy in Korean?

Crazy in Korean is "Mechaso".

How do you say Kevin in Korean?

you say Kevin in Korean the same way you would say it in English. the same with any language