How do you say i love you brother in french?

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Je vous aime le frère
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How do say love in french?

"L'amour" is the noun (object) "Love". To say you love something, you would have to use the verb "aimer" for people and "adorer" for things. To say something is lovely, you would use the adjective "charmant" (Or charmante for feminine).

How do you say I love Paris in French?

J'aime Paris. "Aimer" is to like/to love in French. You simply haveto conjugate aimer in order to say you love something. I love - J'aime You love (informal) - Tu aimes Il/She loves - Il/Elle aime We love - Nous aimons You love (formal) - Vous aimez They love - Ils aiment

How do you say 'i love you ana' in french?

Je'taime Ana or Je'adore Ana. Note that the French think that Je'adore or I adore in English is a greater compliment than Je'taime or I love.

How do you say Jonas Brothers in French?

It would be Les Frères Jonas , but when you talk about a band/movie/store(etc...) in french you dont translate. For example, im from Montreal and I speak french all the time with my friends but we say the Jonas Brothers instead of Les Frères Jonas. In France we say Les Jonas brothers

How do you say i love you more in french?

je t'aime encore plus . "Je t'aime plus" Important: You must pronounce the S at the end "pluss" because if you shut the S pronouced: "plu" mean "I dont love you anymore". You can say "Je t'aime plus encore" ( to avoid any misunderstanding). . 1) Man: je t' aime mon amour (I love you my love) . G ( Full Answer )

How do you say i love you a lot in french?

I love you a lot -- je t'aime tant ("zhuh tem tah[n]") (you could say "je t'aime beaucoup", but that would come across more like "I LIKE you a lot" rather than love)

How do you say i love yours in french?

Je t'aime The j in je is pronounced [zh] like the g in mirage, e is pronounced like the oo in good t'aime is pronounced [tem] to rhyme with them.

How do you say 'I love my brothers' in Spanish?

"(Yo) quiero mucho a mis hermanos" is the proper translation to "I love my brothers". the words in brackets are not necessary. Querer mucho, similar to "love"

How do you say step brother in French?

A step brother (not related by blood) should be called "beau-frère". The plural form is "beaux-frères". The name may be confusing for French speakers, as beau-frère is (also) the common name for a brother-in-law. If you notice that the relationship should be clarified, the best way is to c ( Full Answer )

How do you say your big brother in french?

It depends... The TV show is called "Big Brother"; the "1984"-type institution is caled - agan - Big Brother. If you mean "big = elder brother" = grand frere.

How do you say i love steak in french?

j'adore le beouf that is i love the beef i hope that helped im a vegitarian so im unsure about steak ^^ Edit : We say "boeuf" in French to talk about beef. We say "steak" in French like in English so you can say "J'adore le steak"

How do say ' i love you' in french?

There are a lot of ways to say I love you. Je t'adore(Jeh-tadore).- Litterally, I adore you J'adore tu.(Jahdore- too)- Litterally, I adore you J'aime tu.(Jehm-too)- Litterally, I like or love you Je t'aime.Jeh-Tehm)- Litterally, I like or love you. Whichever is easier for you.

How do you say that i love you in french?

je t'adore Je- i adore- love te is the reflexive pronoun when refering to 'you' and is used like 't'' when a vowel follows you would not write 'je t e a dore' this would become je t ' adore

How do you say sweet love in french?

doux amour ~sweet love doux amour. ~sweet love. Sweet amour ~Sweet love Sweet amour. ~Sweet love. There are difference's to all of these answers. Some have periods some don't, some are capitalized and some aren't. I hope that these answers will help you!

How do you say I love my brother in Italian?

'Amo il mio fratello' is an Italian equivalent of 'I love my brother'. Italian language speakers may choose not to use subject pronouns other than for clarification or emphasis. Oftentimes, the verb form indicates the subject. Such is the case here. The phrase is pronounced 'AH-moh eel MEE-oh frah- ( Full Answer )

How do you say i love you brother in Samoan?

"Ou te alofa ia te oe uso" if a guy is saying it to his brother or a male relative or any male. "Ou te alofa ia te oe si o'u tuagane" if a girl is saying it to her brother or a male relative.

How do you say i have a half brother in french?

J'ai un demi-frère. J'ai un frère consanguin. Demi-frère is much more common, but it ambiguous because it can mean either half brother or step brother. Frère consanguin is older/formal but only means half brother.

How do you say Has two brothers in French?

Has two brothers in French is 'a deux frères'. This could be used in a sentence, for example, to say 'She has two brothers': 'Elle a deux frères'.

How do you say I miss my brothers French?

Je m'ennuie de mon frère means I miss my brother. Je m'ennuie de mon frère français means i miss my french brother. Je m'ennuie du francais de mon frere means I miss my brother's french.

How do you say i love you goodbye in french?

"Je t'aime, au revoir!" or, for more formal: "Je vous aime, au revoir!" Au revoir, which is goodbye, could also be replaced by "à la prochaine" (see you later), "à demain" (see you tomorrow), etc.

How do you say i love my brother in hawaiian?

Aloha: Answer: This is a wee complicated because it changes if your brother is older or younger and if you are a guy or a girl. OK, say Ho'o aloha, then... 1- if you are the same sex and he is older, you say kuaʻana (koo-ah ah-na) 2- if you are the same sex and he is younger, you say kaina (ka-e ( Full Answer )

How do you say i love what that did in french?

It would be helpful to have a bit more information to answer this correctly. Without that info, I would say it would translate to: J'aime ce que cela a fait.

How do you say love mom in French?

From your question it is unclear whether you mean "Love Mom" in the context of a command (i.e. Love Mom, or you can never come home) or "Love, Mom" in the context of a signature (i.e. I hope everything works out well. Love, Mom.) In the former example, the translation would depend on who is being ( Full Answer )

How do you say love loving you in french?

love loving you = vous aime aimer Correction: love loving you. If "love" is the subject we say: l'amour vous aime. If "love" is the verb here, we say: aime vous aimer.

How do you say 'i loved' or 'i used to love' in french?

It really depends on the context, if it's an object, a person, etc. I loved (the beach last summer): J'ai adoré (la plage l'été dernier) I loved (this movie): J'ai adoré (ce film) I loved (to walk in the city): J'aimais (marcher dans la ville) I used to love (Bob): J'aimais (bie ( Full Answer )