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Mo contan twa(toi)

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Q: How do you say i love you in mauritian?
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How do i say i love you in Mauritian?

mo content toi

How do you say love you in Mauritian creole?

Mo Contant Twa.

Mauritian for i love you?

Mo kontant twa.

How do you say hello in mauritian creole?

in mauritian creole we say bonzour. it sounds kind of like 'bonn zhu' not how it's written.

How do you say hello in Mauritian?

ki position

How do you say girlfriend in Mauritian creole?


How do you say nothing in mauritian creole?


How do you say congratulations in Mauritian Creole?


How do you say Good morning in Mauritian creole?


How do you say you are so stubborn in mauritian creole?

To bien teti..

How do you say mother and father in mauritian creole?

mama and papa

How do you say when are you coming in creole?

" kan to pe vini " in mauritian creole

How do i say i miss you in mauritian creole?

to manque(pronounced as mank) moi

How do you say I am fine in mauritian creole?

Mo Bien

How do you say my friend in mauritian creole?

Mo kamwad

How do you say goodbye in Mauritian creole?

Most people say, "bye bye".. Otherwise they just say "bye"..

How do you say boys and girls in mauritian creole?

ban garson ek tifi

When was Mauritian Duck created?

Mauritian Duck was created in 1893.

When was Mauritian rupee created?

Mauritian rupee was created in 1876.

How do you say cup of tea in Mauritian Creole?

tasse di tai Locked by Brwoser Lock.

Are the people from mauritius black?

If you mean African, no. The main races are Indian (Indo-Mauritian), French (Franco-Mauritian), and Creole (Mauritian Creole)

How do you translate the word 'love' into a variety of languages?

To say love in French, say "Amour". To say love in Spanish say "Amor".To say love in Dutch, say "Liefde" .To say love in German, say "Liebe" .To say love in Italian, say "Amore".To say love in Greek, say "Aฮณฮฌฯ€ฮท".To say love in Russian sa, "ะฒะปัŽะปะตะฝะฝะพัั‚ัŒ".To say love in Korean, say "์‚ฌ๋ž‘".To say love in Japanese, say "ๆ„›" (ai).To say love in Hebrew, say "Ahavah".

How much must you spend in order to become a pilot in terms of mauritian rupees?

I'd say quite a lot.

How do you say mam in mauritian creole?

According to a Google search, Pitin is the closest approximation of Mam in Mauritanian Creole

How do you say happy birthday in Mauritian creole?

Zwaye Zaniversair