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Plus tard, chéri(e)

The e at the end would make it feminine, while without it is masculine.

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Q: How do you say laters baby in french?
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How do you say a baby in French?

A baby is called 'un bébé' in French.

How do you say you want a baby girl in french?

Baby girl in French is: Bébé fille.

How do you say there goes my baby in French?

you cannot translate goes in french it would have to be 'baby you are gone or there my baby is going'

How do you say 'I have a baby in French?

I have a baby is j'ai un bébé in French.

What will you say when the guard says seven?

5 - because there are 5 laters in seven!

How you say your baby in french?

votre bébé

How do you say your baby in french?

votre bébé

How do we say the baby of a duck in French?


How do you say a baby bird in french?


How do you say later in british?

Just later or laters or talk later or see you later.

How do you say baby sitter in French?

The French use the words "un/une baby-sitter" as borrowed from English.

How do you say baby donkey in french?

donkey = âne; baby donkey = ânon