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aimer as a verb, amour as a noun are the French words for Love

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to love is translated 'aimer' in French

love me is love me in french love is aimer though

Love Frommeans: Aimer par

Love (noun) is "amour" in French. To love (verb) is "aimer".

To Love is- Aimer and love is -amour! Hope it helps!!!

I love you = Je t'aime Love = Aimer

To love to travel is "aimer voyager" in French. I love to travel is "j'aime voyager".

j'aime (bien) un garçon (aimer bien is to like, aimer is to love)

love loving you = vous aime aimer Correction: love loving you. If "love" is the subject we say: l'amour vous aime. If "love" is the verb here, we say: aime vous aimer.

The word for love in French is "amour" (noun) but the verb to love is "aimer". So to say "I love you", is "Je t'aime"

to live = vivre to love = aimer to laugh = rire

aimer les vacances de février

l'amour fait mal, aimer fait souffrir

"aimer" means "to like" "adorer" is "to love"

J'aime (I like/love) Infinitive- aimer J'adore (I adore/love) Infinitive- adorer

Love (noun) is amour in French. To love (verb) is 'aimer'

love as a noun: 'amour' as a verb: 'aimer'

J'aime Paris. "Aimer" is to like/to love in French. You simply have to conjugate aimer in order to say you love something. I love - J'aime You love (informal) - Tu aimes Il/She loves - Il/Elle aime We love - Nous aimons You love (formal) - Vous aimez They love - Ils aiment

Je vis pour l'amour, je vis pour aimer

mauvaise que personne ne peut vous aimer

aimer (verb) amour (noun) je t'aime it means: i love you. so aimer means love. (: je t'aime!! Aimer means like

The French noun meaning love is amour. The verb meaning "to love" is aimer.

to love life: aimer la vie the love life: la vie amoureuse, la vie sentimentale

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