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How do you say my Brazilian friends in Portuguese?


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Meus amigos brasileiros.


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The problem in Brazilian portuguese is o problema.

Harmony is harmonia in Portuguese. (Brazilians speak Portuguese not "Brazilian").

There isn't an equivalent name in Brazilian Portuguese for Barry.

namorado in Brazilian portuguese

Brazilian is not a language. Portuguese. And you say "Bem-Vindo(a)"

How are you in portuguese(brazilian) is "Como vai você?"

The same as in Portuguese: Casa.

Good morning, on the Brazilian portuguese language is " Bom dia ".

"Brazilian" is not a language, however Brazilians speak Portuguese. You say "Alimento"

'brazilian' is not a language --' they speak portuguese and 'sujo' would be the answer

Obrigado is the portuguese word for "thank you". There's no brazilian, there's only portuguese

The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese - not Brazilian. The word "friend" in Portuguese is "amigo" (male) or "amiga" (female).

In Brazilian portuguese, girls and women say : "Olá lindão" (leendawn)

There is no equivalent name in Brazilian Portuguese for Matt Lowe.

Brazil:Marron Portuguese:Castanho

"Funny" is "engraçado" in Portuguese.

Ótimo - Brazilian Portuguese Óptimo - European PortugueseGrande

Brazilian is not a language, but Portuguese. And you'd say "por favor" (pronouncing poor-favor)

Ele lembra ( infinitive: lembrar, to remember)(brazilian portuguese)

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