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How do you say she lives in french?


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he lives, she lives: il vit, elle vit.

"He lives of benefits" is "il vit des allocations" in French.

Il vit = He lives (life) Il habite = He lives in a place

she lives in America = elle vit en Amérique

Il habite en france France

"he lives in (city name)" = "il habite à (nom de ville)"

your dad lives -- votre père vit -- "vohtr pehr vee" Change "votre" to "ton" if appropriate.

Elle demeure en Londres en Essex.

Mon père vit à Hemel.

Elle habite Ã? Londres, elle vit Ã? Londres.

he lives, she lives: il vit, elle vit

elle habite à (town name), elle habite en (country name)

nous vivrons nos vies ensemble, pour toujours.

Un coeur léger vit longtemps.

I would say Louisana since it was first conquered by the French and later sold to America. There are still alot of French Creole ethnic that lives down there.

In French, to say 'she' , you say:Elleeg. elle s'appelle comment?In French, to say 'he', you say:Il

he/she lives - il/elle habite

to say is the verb 'dire' in French.

Ill. if you want to say something like he lives in belgium then u would say: Il habite en belgique source(s): my french lesson at school and i'm 100% sure this is right because my french teacher was born and lived in france

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