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First you need to analyze what you said and the reason you said it. Were you trying to hurt your friend? Are you jealous of your friend? Do you harbor intolerances? Do you still want to BE friends? Next you must offer your friend a sincere apology and perhaps treat them to lunch in order to begin spending quality time together again, or, buy them an inexpensive gift like a book or CD to symbolize your sincerity and desire for continued friendship. You should do this before things get too uncomfortable between you to bridge the gap. Next you must quickly tell everyone who heard your "joke" that you shouldn't have said it, that you are sorry you said it, and that you don't want any of them to repeat it, causing your friend more pain. Finally, you need to prove to your friend that you are doing something about that dark place in you that allowed you to make the offensive "joke" in the first place.

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What is the worst joke in the world?

the worst joke is "tell me a joke!" and you say..."no" !! if that's not the right answer, then I'm sorry cause i just made it up.

Why have you seen dragonball af episodes?

Sorry, Dragon Ball AF is fake. It is a joke made by fans.

It can be cracked it can be made it can be told it can be played what is it?

a joke a joke can be cracked a joke can be made a joke can be told a joke can be played

You are not understanding my question?

that question made very little sense. sorry if i am interrupting on a personal joke or anything, but yeah. made no sense whatsoever.

Where you watch Dragon Ball AF Season?

Sorry, Dragon Ball AF is fake. It's a joke made by fans.

Your friend texted the girl you like and told her you like her what do you do?

If you dont want her to know yet you could just tell her that your friend was doing it as a joke or your friend was mad at you and made something up

Can you give a sentence using the word laugh?

My friend told me a joke, it made me laugh! Clowns make me laugh!

What happens in the first episode of dragon ball af?

Sorry, Dragon Ball AF is fake. It's a joke made by fans.

Is Miley Cyrus dead foreal?

no! that is just a joke some one who is not miley cyrus' friend has made it all up

What can be told played cracked or made?

This is a joke. You can tell a joke, you can play a joke (prank), crack a joke, or make a joke.

Who is the English commedian who appeared on Live at the Apollo who made the joke about being mugged?

Dont have a clue,maybe Harry Hill or somene. Sorry!

Your boyfriends friend made a sexual joke that totally offended you and you let him know how you felt about it but he still keeps it up what should you do about it?

You should totally let him know how it made you feel!

What do you call a sneezing but it a joke?

Achou can be made into I chew to create a joke.

What joke in friends do you think it is that Chandler and Ross claim ownership of?

it is the joke about 'doctor monkey' or something, i know that they both think they made up the joke and ross sends it to playboy magazine, where it is published and then chandler claims it is his joke. They then both give reasons why it is their joke, but we never get told what the joke it, however i remember ross claiming that he is ' doctor monkey' because he is a doctor and had a monkey. To decide whose joke it was, they both ask monica(ross' sister and chandlers wife) she then tells them that the joke is sexist and offensive to women so they both say it is the other persons.

When does Dragon Ball Z budokai AF come out?

Sorry, Dragon Ball AF is fake. It's a joke made by fans. If you mean Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, it has already been made.

What was the first joke in Narnia?

The first joke in Narnia was the jackdaw. It occurred when all the talking beasts responded to Aslan's command that, because they had been taken out of "dumb", non-talking beasts, they were not to return to that state. All the animals responded with a resounding "No, Aslan, we won't!", but in the brief silence that followed, the jackdaw then called out, "No fear!" causing everyone to laugh.At first the jackdaw was embarrassed, but when Aslan told them they were free to laugh and joke, the jackdaw proudly asked if he had made the first joke. In jest, Aslan replied, "No, little friend. You have not made the first joke. You have only been the first joke." Thus, the jackdaw became the first joke.

What is the funniest joke Joe Jonas have ever made?

The funniest joke Joe Jonas had ever made (according to Nick) was the Scratch and Sniff website he made.

What did I say that was so mean or offensive there's this guy in my class named David and I made up a joke about him because there are three Davids in my grade?

People are pretty attached to their names, and also, no one really likes being joked about, even if they pretend otherwise out of politeness. If you tell him you are sorry and meant no harm, I'm sure it will be okay.

What should you do if you do something mean to your friend and say sorry and then she turns on you?

you should say hey i don't like you acting this way and what is wrong i said sorry we made up there is no reason not to be friends again

Is bounce by the Jonas Brothers a joke?

No it's not a joke it's there new music video (sarcasm)! Yes it's a joke! They just made it for laughs.

What was the first joke made?

Human beings.

What was the first joke ever to be made?

the first joke ever made was a young lady did not fart in her husbands lap created by people in sumer 1900 b.c.

What if your friend is mad at you and she makes your other friend mad at you even though the only one mad is the one that made your other friend mad to make it better she mad at me for a dumb reason?

if its a dumb reason then you need to talk to her about it and tell her your sorry or whatever

Ashleigh tisdale is not zacs girl friend?

Nope, Vanessa Hudgens is... have you ever heard of "Zanessa?" It was a name made up by the public and paparazzi. Sorry!

When was sorry sorry made from super junior?


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