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How do you say sorry to a friend that you made an offensive joke about?


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First you need to analyze what you said and the reason you said it. Were you trying to hurt your friend? Are you jealous of your friend? Do you harbor intolerances? Do you still want to BE friends? Next you must offer your friend a sincere apology and perhaps treat them to lunch in order to begin spending quality time together again, or, buy them an inexpensive gift like a book or CD to symbolize your sincerity and desire for continued friendship. You should do this before things get too uncomfortable between you to bridge the gap. Next you must quickly tell everyone who heard your "joke" that you shouldn't have said it, that you are sorry you said it, and that you don't want any of them to repeat it, causing your friend more pain. Finally, you need to prove to your friend that you are doing something about that dark place in you that allowed you to make the offensive "joke" in the first place.