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To say "STOP" in Spanish is; parada

To say "GO" in Spanish is ; ir

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How do you say spanish comands stop and go?

Stop is "detenganse" Go is "sigan"

How do you say to stop in Spanish?

"Parada" is "stop" in Spanish.

How do you you say stop it in Spanish?


How do you say stop copying me in Spanish?

To say the words stop copying me in Spanish you say deja de copiar. These words are said in Italian as smettila di copiare.

How do you say let go in spanish?

To say let's go in Spanish: vayámonos / vámonos.

How do you say please stop crying in spanish?

stop crying now

How do you say go in in Spanish?

"Go in" in spanish is "Ve adentro".

How do you say stop calling in spanish?

Stop calling translated from English to Spanish is dejar de llamar. Dejar is the verb to stop or stop doing something.

How do you say go die in Spanish?

To say "go die please" in Spanish say "ir mueren por favor."

How do you say i go in spanish?

"I go" translates into "yo voy" in spanish.

How do you say stopsign in spanish?

Señal de stop

How you say stop hitting me in Spanish?

¡Para golpeándome!

How do you say stop talking in spanish?

Say: 'estoy muy enojada contigo necesito salir ahora' = 'I am very annoyed/irritated by you, and I have to go now'. Or you could say: 'Por favor, cesa de hablar' = 'Please stop talking'

How do you say go with your brother in Spanish?

To say "Go with your brother" in Spanish, say this: "Ve con tu hermano." Glad I could help!

How do you say nothing can stop me in spanish?

nada puede detenerme

How do you say stop whining in spanish?

¡Deja de lloriquear!

How do you say stop playing around in Spanish?

para jugando

How do you say stop fighting in spanish?

Dejar de luchar

How do you say boy stop in Spanish?

niño deje de

How do you say every word in spanish?

cada palabra

How do you say im going to stop in spanish?

Voy a parar.

How do you say stop dancing in spanish?

Deje de bailar

How do you say stop that boy in spanish?

detenga aquel chico

How do you say stop lieying in spanish?

Para de mentir

How do you say go to go in spanish?

the verb to go is "ir" in Spanish... If you want to say "Would you like to go?" the phrase in Spanish would be "¿Le / les / te / os gustaría ir?"