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how do you say think about it in spanish ?

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how to say think about it in spanish

how do i say why do i keep running from the truth all i ever think about is you in spanish

'Daryl'. I don't think it has a Spanish equivalent.

i think it is no escuela

You can say "(Yo) Pienso en tí"

I think shouldn't you just say Hola. Hola means hello in spanish.

pensar (to think), pienso (I think), piensas (you think), piensan (they think), pensamos (we think)

i think its the same no its aparato

i thinkit is like this:clavel

i think its "conmoción cerebral"

its just the same i think

tú traicionar me i think

The traduction of 'Do you think this is a joke?' In spanish is: ¿Crees que esto es una broma?

According to Google Translator, 'I think it is real' in Spanish is Creo que es real.

I don't think that "corency" is an English word. If you mean currency, then I think the spanish word is moneda

Brown haired in Spanish is cabello castano I think

I think you meant "sugar", so it's "azúcar" in spanish.

I think you would say "mala suerte".

Pronunciation:Think of "nose" or "no say", as "No Say" is pronounced very similar.The translation from Spanish to English:"I don't know" or "I do not know"

hello is hola! dont think you can say hi..

I think its "cualquie suerte"

Zacario (I think the spelling is right)

i dont think there is a direct translation... its just me

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