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How do you say to a girl 'I love you'?

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If you have already known her for awile, and have been dateing, try practiceing to say "I love you" in the mirrour at your house.If you have known her for a while but are only friends, try to be nice to her and never try to be like someone else.If you don't know each other very much "say hi im so and so. whats your name?"Than try to become friends and than do the steps above.

So this was just how 2 get started on saying I LOVE YOU 2 a girl.

there r many ways of saying i love you. here are someways.

I love you, I can't hide it anymore...I LOVE YOU!, (she is siting on a bench).(you sit on it).(you look away from her exept by the corner of your eye).(when she looks at you look at her and smile and say hi).(start to scoot nearer to her....and nearer and hold her hand or put your arm around her neck and say the magic words),Write a poem about her and give it 2 her or write a song and give it (or sing it) to her.

some helpful hints

NEVER say I LOVE U to soon!

NEVER say important things like i love u or im brakeing up with you through a text messidge!

try giveing her gifts Try level 1. Level 1 is asking her on a date. If she likes the date alot, go on to level 2. That's giving her flowers. After that, it's time for level 3. Ask her if she wants to go to a movie. Try going for a romantic comedy, not anything too scary or gross. During the movie, pretend to yawn and put your arm around her.Now,level 4. Give her a gift, to celebrate for your dating. Give her a ring or something. The last level, 5, is to say 'I love you'. You never know, she might say 'I love you too'!

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