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how do you say wow in hawaiian

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Q: How do you say wow in Hawaiian language?
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How do you say godmother in the Hawaiian language?

godmother in hawaiian

How do you say together as one in Hawaiian?

Hawaiian isn't a language.

How do you say little child in hawaiian?

KEIKIhow do you say child in hawaiian language?

How do you say our thoughts are with you in hawaiian?

Aloha, has many meanings in the hawaiian language

How do you say cierra in hawaiian language?

The Hawaiian translation for Cierra is Kiela.

How do you say surf in hawaiian language?

Nalu is the Hawaiian word for surf.

How do you say amen in Hawaiian language?

The Hawaiian language was formed before they were introduced to Christianity... ergo, there isn't a word for "amen" in that language.

How do you say Jo in Hawaiian?

Jo is a proper name is unchanged in the Hawaiian language.

How do you say Jesus Christ in Hawaiian?

Iesu Kristo - How do you pronounce this in the Hawaiian language? How do you pronounce Colupo in Hawaiian?

How do you say beautiful in the hawaiian language?


How do you say 'hello' in Hawaiian language?


How do you say child in hawaiian language?


How do you say Karla in Hawaiian language?


How do you say done in the Hawaiian language?


How do you say good in hawaiian language?


How do you say sorry in Hawaiian language?

E kala mai is the way to say "sorry" in Hawaiian.

What does the word 'wow' mean in spanish language?

you can say either anda or caramba for wow

What is really ugly in the Hawaiian language?

The way to say ugly in Hawaiian language is "pupuka". The way to pronounce it is [poo poo' kah]. In Hawaii the Hawaiian language a consonant is always ended with a vowel.

How do you say Hawaii in Hawaiian language?

Hawaii = Hawai'i

How do you say James in Hawaiian language?

James = Iakopo

How do you say Jose in Hawaiian language?

Jose = Hokē

How do you say silly in the Hawaiian language?

Kohu 'ole

How do you say daughter in Hawaiian language?


How do you say reach for the stars in the Hawaiian language?


How do you say number one in Hawaiian language?