How do you say yes in Russian?

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Da. No is Nyet.
you say da to say yes pronounced (d-aa)
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How do you say 'I don't speak Russian' in Russian?

I don't speak Russian = Я не говорю по-русски (Ya ne govoryú po-rússki). (read: Yah nee gah-vah-ruh pah roos-kee)

How do you say how are you in Russian?

Russian translation for "How are you" will be "Kak Dela" + (u tebyainformal; u vas formal)* optional" - this is a transliteration, andin Cyrillics it's going to be: как дела у тебя/вас?

How do you say yes?

If you want to say the word yes, then just enunciate the word. Becareful, yes is a powerful word. make sure you mean yes before yousay it. No matter what the situation is.

How do you say yes in Irish?

There are no Irish words for yes or no . But you can reply in a positive way that is taken as a yes answer, or a negative way for a no answer, examples: to reply to a question such as, Do you understand? In Irish that would be: an dtuigeann tú? your reply would be, understand In ( Full Answer )

How do you say yes in Chinese?

From the Related Link:. Mandarin [Chinese] (China) [it is so] Shi Mandarin [Chinese] (China) [correct] Dui Mandarin [Chinese] (China) [okay] Hao Shr / shr de

How do you say 'you' in Russian?

You singular informal (i.e. referring to one person, someone who you know closely, your friend or your relative, or referring to a child or a teenager): Russian Cirillic: ты conventional Latin transliteration: ty pronunciation key (very rough English approximation): tih You plural (i.e. re ( Full Answer )

How do you say my in Russian?

\nмое название на русском язык translates to "my name in russian"... don't know your name LOL

How do you get a guy to say yes when you ask him out?

DONT BE CORNY!! and say stuff like ur my prince charming!! its ridiculous and fake and you cant be sure if he will say anything to reply. simply look at him and say "ive liked you for a long time and i really want to be more than friends so would you like to go out with me?" ll smile ll if he says y ( Full Answer )

What if you want to say yes but you have to say no?

Then tell them no, but say that you wish you could say yes and then tell them why you had to say no, unless you aren't allowed to tell them why. Tell themm, the truth eaither you Really like them but have to say know. or you juss don't like themm. u have to be truthly to a person, who asks you ou ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'Do you speak Russian' in Russian?

This is how you pronounce it: Vy ga-va-REE-tее pa-ROOS-ski? This is how to write it using English letters: Vy govorite po-russki? And in Russian: Вы говорите по-русски? -------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

How do you say you are no in Russian?

Вы не - Vy ne, sounds like: Vi neah. you could use it in: Вы не русский - you are no Russian

How do you say Yes Sir in Russian?

if u mean it in military way, then "yest, ser". if u mean it just like polite version of yes, then we don't have it, just say "da" - yes.

How do you say do in Russian?

in Russian we don't use "do" in sentances like how do you do? or, what do you think?; because Russian uses g rammatical case for each set of words or sentence. Most common translation of 'do' to Russian is Дело-Delo means Doing or Business

What if he says yes?

If he says yes...just make the best of it. ALWAYS look on the bright side..DON'T get jealous when hes around other people more then hes around you..It wont work out.

How do you say Russian in Russian?

The Russian word for "Russian" is русский, pronounced ROOS-ski. If you want to write it in English, you can write it as russky.

How do you say white Russian in Russian?

The term White Russian has two totally unrelated meanings. Politically the White Russians were any Russians who weren't Red, i.e. who were opposed to the Bolshevik government. In Russian they were referred to as belye (the whites), as opposed to krasnye (the reds). The other meaning is a citi ( Full Answer )

How do you say after you in Russian?

"After you" in Russian is после вас, pronounced posle vas . (pos as in posture, le as in lee, vas as in vast)

How do you say you speak a little Russian in Russian?

You would say it like: Я говоpю немножко по-pусски - Ya govoryu nemnozhko po-russki translating directly to: I (only) speak a little Russian.

How do you say your Russian is good in Russian?

Depending on whether you want to sound formal or informal, it would be either: "Вы хорошо говорите по-русски"-- "Vyh khah-rah-SHOH gah-vah-RIH-tye pah-ROOS-kih" or "Ты хорошо говориш ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'Russian' in Russian?

Well Russia in Russian is: Россия - (Ro-se-ya) Russian (e.g. a Russian person): Pусский - (Roo-ski) Russian Language: Pусский язык - (Roo-ski Ya-zik)

How do you say i understand Russian in Russian?

я понимаю русский¸, pronounced ya pa-nee-MA-yu roos-ski As another contributor pointed out, if you don't know Russian, itmay be best you don't know how to say that. You may want to learn the phrase ya nee pa-nee-MA-yuroos-ski (I do not understa ( Full Answer )

How do you say excuse me do you speak Russian in Russian?

извините меня, Вы говорите на русском языке? (Cyrillic-Alphabet, Russian) izvinitye myenya, Vi govoritye na roosskom yazikye?(Latin-Alphabet, Russian) Excuse me, Do you speak Russian? (Latin-A ( Full Answer )

How do you say yes in Asian?

There is no language called "Asian." Asia is a continent, and people who live there are called Asians. In Asia, there are people who speak Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian, and other languages. Each of them has a different way of saying "yes." In Mandarin Chinese, for example, the wo ( Full Answer )

How do you say im learning Russian in Russian?

Pronounced "Я учу русский (язык)" (Ya uchú rússkiy yazík) Ya - I uchu - to study/learn russkiy (yazik) -Russian (language)

When to say yes ma'am?

You say it when answering a woman or when a women ask you to do something for them.

How do you say yes and no in Portuguese?

Yes is "sim" and no is "não" Both are heavily nasalized and the final "m" is not pronounced much like in French. The -ão sound is very common in Portuguese and is considered the most difficult sound for non-natives to pronounce

How do you say yes to a guy?

Say, I'll think about it and if he tries to leave say wait I'm not done thinking. And then say ok or of course or even just a simple yes!

How can you get your mom to say yes to a party?

Well you might have to show her you are responsible so you can handle any problems that might occur so maybe she thinks you can't handle it like if something goes wrong. Don't beg her she will get annoyed and not let you go at all don't act like a baby without its blanket keep calm:) while the time ( Full Answer )

Do girls say no when they mean yes?

Sometimes when girls say no, they want the guy to contradict. Say something to make them say yes, even though they want to yes already. They want to know that the guy really does want whatever it is. And other times, when girls say no, they mean no. You should be able to tell. Hope I helped!

How do you say 'Yes you were' in Russian?

Da ti bail , Da Vi bail (respect form) Да, ты был. (dah, tih bihl.) To a man you are on good terms with. Да, ты была. (dah, tih bihlAH) To a woman you are on good terms with. Да, вы были. (dah, tih bihlEE) Plural and formal.

What is another word for saying yes?

Other words for 'saying yes' include: agreeing consenting relenting giving in (context dependent) conceding (context dependent) obliging acquiescing

How do you say 'Yes I will' in Telugu?

Nenu chesthanu If you are answering a question in simple "Yes" or "No" then Yes = Avunu, అవును No = Kaadu, కాదు

Who sings the song say yes?

The song Say Yes was sung by Elliott Smith . It was a track in Smith's 1997 album Either/Or .

How do you say yes in mandarin Chinese?

是 or shi means yes. However 對 or dui can be used as this means right (as in right or wrong). Which one is used when depends on how the original question is asked.

Why do youngsters say yes to sex?

Can be a number of things, pressure from friends, curious and could be that they want to do something different. It's sad but can also be from boredom and to much to drink.

Why Did Cassie Bernall Say Yes?

Because she believed in God, and stood up for her faith. In her mom's book, "She Said Yes," her mom explained that she was saying yes every day, dying to herself and doing what God wanted. It's hard to not sin, but saying yes is the right thing to do. Even though she was killed, she's my hero, and I ( Full Answer )

How do you say he in Russian?

This is how you say he in russian: How to write he in russian:Он Latin letters and translation:On I hope I helped you :)

Did Egyptians say aye or yes?

They said neither, since both aye and yes are English words. The ancient Egyptian word for "yes" or "affirmative" is written tiw in hieroglyphs, where the i is a consonant that does not exist in English. Since vowel sounds were not written we can never know how this was pronounced.

How do you get your dad to say yes to a pet?

take him on a walk and purposefully walk and point out any cat or dog or whatever you see on the streets. Say "OH WHAT A CUTE KITTY!!!!" he will realize something. Pick out a really cute one that you know he'll fall in love with and show it to him. He will probably melt right away and allow you t ( Full Answer )

How do you say yes please in Chinese?

Shì qǐng, that's how you say yes please in chinese. This is how youpronounce it, its "she-shing". The Chinese writing for Yes,pleaseis 是的,请。

How do you say Russian princess in Russian?

Daughter of a Tsar (Russian king) is called Tsarevna (Царевна). After the middle of the 18th century, the term has been changed to Velikaya Kniaginya (Grand Princess - Великая Княгиня). And if you just want the literal translation of ( Full Answer )