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How do you say yes you too in Spanish?

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si, tu tambien si, tu tambien

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To say "you too" in Spanish, you say "tu tambien".

You would say 'you're too funny' in Spanish as "a su gracioso'.

There are two ways that you can say "too bad" in Spanish, lástima or ¡qué pena!

'I (do), too' = yo tambien The auxiliary verb 'do' only has sense in Spanish when connected with a main verb. For example: (Do you) speak Spanish? = Hablas espanol? Yes, I do (speak Spanish) = Si, hablo espanol I (do), too = yo tambien

Usted tambien. ORTú tambien."Tú también" is the Spanish equivalent of 'you too'.

I'm happy too in Spanish is Estoy contento también.

"Me too" = "Yo también"Yo tambien.

You can say "monopatín", but "scooter" is right too.

if you mean how do you say yes in spanish its "si" or if you say the letter "C" in english its the same.

We called it soft ball in spanish too.

exacto is how you say precise in Spanish. It makes sense, too. To be precise, you need to be exact.

yo tambien = I, too (a) mi tambien = (to) me, too

We call'em frisbee too.

"Me too" in Spanish is 'Yo también" (Yoh Tom-be-en)

The Spanish translation for "Your son too" would be "Tu hijo también"

'Tortoise' in Spanish is 'tortuga' - Pronounced tor-too-gah

Tennis has the same pronunciation in spanish, and too the same meaning.

You could say "Esto es demasiado".

You can say "Yo hablo español también". The "yo" is not required, but is added for emphasis.

you too = tú tambien or usted tambien

Depends on what you are talking about, but you can mostly get away with "yo tambien" (me,too)

"I miss you too" is "Yo también te extraño"

you curse too much = blasfemas demasiado

the spanish word for yes is si pronounced like the letter c .

Está muy frío.

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