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How do I screw? Very well. How do I chop a song? I don't. How do you hotwire a car? That information is elusive for a reason. Can you overdose on weed? No. Where do fish go when the water is frozen? They go down deeper to where the water isn't frozen.

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Can you drown in a tablespoon of water?

A person can not drown in one table spoon of water.

How do people drown from drinking a lot of water?

People do not drown from drinking water. A person can only drown if water enters the lungs.

Can water kill a person?

Yes, a person can 'drown' in water.

How much water does it take to drown a person?

only a teaspoon

When was swimming first founded?

When the first person jumped into water and did not drown.

Can a person drown a fish?

If the water does not contain enough oxygen, yes.

Can plants drown from too much water?

wiki sucks No, i completely disagree Wiki RUUUUUUULES and you person are horrible for saying such a thing. Yes plants can drown in water.

What does not drown in water?

pumice is the only stone that does not drown in the water.

Can you drown in holy water?

Yes, you can drown in any water.

What freezes faster hot water or cold water?

cold water freezes fasterHot freezes faster than cold.Cold water freezes faster.

Can you drown in 6 inches of water?

Yes. If the nose and mouth are underwater, than the person can drown, no matter how little water there is. However, it is very unlikely to drown under this little water, unless the person is unconscious, being forced to stay, cannot move for some reason (such as a newborn too weak to turn over), or is trying to commit suicide.

What happens to volume of water when it freezes?

the water freezes and expands.

Water does this when it freezes?

It floats when it freezes.

Can fish drown out of water?

no you cant drown it but you will suffocate it

Can you drown Japanese beetles?

they can be smashed but not drown them in water.

Can a desert tortoise drown in water?

Yes, a tortoise can drown if the water is too deep.

Can you drown in a teaspoon of water?

Yes you can drown in almost any amount of water

Why does bottle crack when water freezes?

Because water expands as it freezes

What freezes the fastest?

Cold water freezes faster then warm water.

What happens to the volume of a water balloon when it freezes?

As the water freezes, it will expand.

Water freezes at what degree Celsius?

Water freezes at 0°C.

Water freezes what temp?

Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius

At what temature does water freezes?

water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius.

What happens to the volume of the water when it freezes?

When water freezes the volume increases.

Which kind of water freezes faster?

Hot water freezes faster