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How do you seal a deck?

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Although there are all types of sealers at your Hardware Stores the best is to fiberglass the deck with sand in it. It lasts for a lifetime and will prevent you from having to redo your deck as often as you do. If you don't want to go to the trouble of doing this then get the advice at the Hardware Store as there are so many ways of doing it.

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Could you buy the seal of orichalcos?

No you cant buy the seal of orichalcos,you can only get them from upper deck members,when you beat a upper deck member,you get the seal of orichalcos.

What is the best product to seal a wooden deck?

Thompson's water seal.

Do you have to seal a cedar deck?


How long does Thompson's water seal stain your deck?

It lasts about 2 years. If the deck is well prepped.

Can you paint over a water seal Such as painting over Thompsons water seal on a wood deck?


What should I paint my deck with?

I would use a stain for the wood on the deck and then seal it with a water protector to keep the color in and the moisture out.

What do you use to repair cracks between the pool deck and the coping?

caulk NO...caulk shrinks and cracks. Use a self leveling polysulfide compound like Sika or Deck-O-Seal. Now I am talking about the space between the coping and the deck and not cracks in the actual deck.

What treatment should you use on an old deck that has been cleaned?

You should seal it. Maybe stain it, too.

What is the purpose of Inert Gas deck seal onboard crude oil tanker?

The 'Deck Seal' and 'Non-Return Valve' are automatic and manual devices to prevent backflow. Backflow of gas could result in CH gas from the cargo tanks reaching the boiler, leading to an explosion.

Can you paint over a water seal Such as painting over Thompsons water seal on a wood deck.?

You can paint over Thompsons Water Seal after 3-4 days with an oil based paint and after 30 days with a water based paint or stain.

How do you keep your deck from bleeding sap?

Seal it. There are a number of products for this, usually found in any home improvement or hardware store in your area.

What do swimming pool contractors use to seal joints in concrete patios that surround the pool I've seen a thick flexible compound that seems to seal the joint and allow for expansion.?

You might want to consider Deck-o-seal. It could be tricky to use if you are not familiar with the product. Follow ALL of the manufacturers instructions.KenYou might want to consider Deck-O-Sux, but you might actually want to use PoolSeal™ if you want a long lasting, easy to use, pool owner-friendly mastic to seal the joint and allow for expansion.CUTiger78

The Simplicity of a Wood Deck?

There is something lovely and simple about a beautiful, solid wood deck. This type of deck is still popular because they look great over long periods of time and are not expensive to build. You can stain or seal a wood deck to create the finish that you desire. Make sure that you choose a type of wood that you like when selecting the lumber for your wood deck. Some varieties are more expensive but worth the cost because of their durability and beauty.

What caulk do you use to connect the concrete deck to the coping of the pool?

I use a GE silicone, but that's not as important as being sure it makes a waterproof seal.

Do you need a building permit for coating an outside deck?

I have never heard of any place requiring a permit to paint or seal a deck or any surface on or around a house. Building permits are for the various things in construction not for painting. I'm not even sure Code Compliance would apply to the finish on a deck since it is not the dwelling.

Does a gunite pool need to be sealed on the top edge A composite deck will be built right over the edge of the gunite. Does it need any kind of seal?


Is plastic coping permanently cemented into the decking on older pools?

Yes, but you can usually remove the exposed parts and replace with "Deck O Seal" or similar product

Will glue stick to wood treated with Thomsons water seal?

Yes glue will stick if the Thomson's is dry. I have glued various things to treated deck wood

What type of material do you use to repair the joints between coping tile and cement decking around a pool?

W.R. Meadows Co. makes a product called Deck O Seal that will do the job of filling the gap between pool coping and cement deck.

How many stories did the Titanic have?

11. There was the roof, on top of the boat deck structure. The Boat deck A-Deck B-Deck C-Deck D-Deck E-Deck F-Deck G-Deck Orlop Deck Tanktop Deck

Deck Builders?

form_title=Deck Builders form_header=Spend more time in the outdoors with a deck built onto your home. FInd a builder that will create your dream deck! How large of a deck would you like?=_ Is there a type of wood that you would prefer? =_ Would you like a water seal on the deck? = () Yes () No () Unsure Desired Start Date=_

What deck is better an Infernity deck or a Exodia deck?

It would be a Destiny board deck or final countdown deck.

Deck Restore?

form_title= Deck Restore form_header= Restore your deck. What is the square footage of your deck? What type of wood is the deck made from? What is your budget for a deck restore?

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What is Dragunity deck?

the dragunity deck is a structure deck