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How do you search for an antifreeze leak on a 1988 Grand Prix?

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The first thing to do is to look for a puddle of water when you move the car. If you see one, then check the position where it might be coming from. If your car is like mine and you couldn't find one...I'm sorry. What it came down to with mine is that GM hasn't got their act together on aluminum heads and the head gaskets appear to break on a lot of these engines. What happens is the compression from the cylinders transfers to the radiator and it blows the water out the overflow while you are driving leaving no traces of water on the ground. If this is the problem by all means get the head gasket replaced as soon as possible as water will seep into the oil and the antifreeze will eventually lock up the motor. Two symptoms appeared on my car when this happened...first the temperature of the motor went up during normal operation. The second is when you shut off the engine after driving it, you may notice some bubbles in the plastic overflow tank. If the tank has bubbles coming from the radiator, then those bubbles of air are coming from the cylinders through a broken head gasket. ..


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