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How do you search the best gastric bypass surgery facility in India?

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2007-05-08 10:04:25

Weight loss surgery-like gastric bypass /lap band surgery /

stomach stapling and gastrectomy have become very common and very

safe now. My cousin got her Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in

India. She has lost more than 65 lbs in 5 months and is very happy

with the results. The price for obesity surgery is very less in

India. My cousin just paid 25% of the cost she was quoted in

America. She got her surgery from a company called Forerunners

Healthcare. Forerunners Healthcare is very famous in India. I read

a lot about them in the Newspapers and magazines. I have read a lot

of their patient stories also. They arrange financing for USA,

Canadian, UK and other international patients who plan to have

surgery abroad for low cost, as bariatric surgery and weight loss

surgery is not covered by insurance. They also have photos pasted

of their International patients. You can checkout their website.

There are huge cost savings. As a doctor I personally believe that

your Obesity surgery can be easily handled in India, as the quality

of healthcare available In India is simply best in the world. The

surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star. Your

surgeon's skill can make all the difference between a good and an

average result. Thus, although it is understandable that price is

one of the considerations in your choice of surgeon, it is

important to remember that the main consideration should be your

surgeon's professional qualifications and experience. Website - Hope this helps.

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