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How do you seduce a straight boy?

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  • Straight or gay and the fact of teen boy's testosterone's out

    of whack doesn't mean that a straight guy will sleep with another!

    Actually, in human sexuality we all have a certain percentage of

    desire for the same sex. The conditions need to exist in order for

    one to act. If you obtain a persons confidence they will be

    trusting. But, do not use a person's trust against them. If you

    truly like a person tell them. they might feel the same way but be

    to afraid to say.

  • You don't seduce him to be gay. Let him make up his own mind.

    If you try to seduce him, he won't want to be around you. And if

    you succeed, chances are he'll hate you for lying just to get him

    into bed, and tell everyone what you did.

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