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to see Pokemon 136 surf on Route 205 or 210 and you will find <drumroll>


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see all Pokemon in pokedex and see prof rowan

You have see to many different pokemons. Then you will fill it (you have to every Pokemon to get national pokedex).

yes you see them but it does not go on your pokedex sorry

you cant if you want to see it you have to get the national pokedex

u have to see 210 Pokemon to get the national pokedex from rowan

When you complete the sinnoh pokedex go over to Sandgem town and give your pokedex to Rowan and Proffesor Oak will give you the national pokedex where you must SEE every Pokemon that exists even the Pokemon that arent in Pokemon platinum.

In D/P you need to have seen 150 Pokemon to get the National Pokedex and for Platinum you need to see 210 pokemon.

If you see a Pokemon in the battle frontier you have not yet seen, it will not record it. The only way you can add that Pokemon to your pokedex is if you see it outside of battle frontier.

you see all the Pokemon in platinum and trade from your other games like emerald, blue, fire red etc and that is how you find all Pokemon in platinum.

you can obtain the pal park after you get the national pokedex, to get the national pokedex see all the the wild sihno pokemon, you only need to see them not catch them. Go there, and scroll down. There is a list of Pokemon for the pokedex, and their locations to see / catch them.

bulbasaur was the FIRST Pokemon in the ORIGINALversion. Pokemon platinum version is the new version.sorry but bulbasuar isn't in Pokemon platinum!!Once you have the international pokedex (seen/catch all of the current pokedex) you will be able to get bulbasaur traded to platinum (along with all the other 300 or whatever Pokemon that aren't in platinum but in the other games

The national pokedex will have ...............................a lot of Pokemon u will have to go to mainly resort area and survival area i hope i helped you

See all 210 of the sinnih dex and talk to oak

all 210 in platinum but you only have to see them

go on to Google and type in sinnoh pokedex it shows you all the Pokemon and which trainers have the good luck in finishing your pokedex

you caan get the national pokedex after you've seen 150 Pokemon after you've seen them you have to see professer rowan.

first you have to see all of the Pokemon in the first pokedex then go to prof. rowan and sow it to him then he will give you the national dex i hope i helped you out Pokemon rules doesnt it

Wormadam for sinnoh pokedex can be found at rt.214 and need to fight beauty Devon to see it and in national dex it is paras.

You have to see every pokemon in the regional pokedex. Then you have to obtain the national pokedex from i think professor oak or professor rowan.

I'm not sure what you mean by the question. If you mean "How do you complete the Pokedex in Pokemon Platinum", then that's simply by finding the Pokemon. You don't have to catch the Pokemon. All you do is have to see them and as soon as you've seen all the Pokemon in the Pokedex, that's considered to mean you completed it. This is why I recommend you battle trainers instead of avoiding them. By battling the trainers, you'll get to fill your Pokedex a lot faster than just trying to encounter the Pokemon. That website will tell you where you can meet each Pokemon.

In Pokemon Platinum on order to get the National Pokedex you have to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex {you don't have to capture them all, you just need to see them and it doesn't matter what gender} then either go to Rowan's PC in a Pokemon Center or visit the Pokemon Research Lab in Sandgem Town and talk to Professor Rowan.

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