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How do you see a corporation's income tax return?

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March 21, 2007 12:14PM

You can't. Unless of course they provide it to you, which is highly unlikely. Corporate returns are complex in so many ways, generally done on a consolidated group basis, and would not even provide deciferable information to anyone with out a very high degree of corporate tax knowelege. Even then, what one can decern to question requires extensive additional workpaper support not normally part of the return itself. That is why they are audited very regularly, (most good sized Corps even have an IRS team permently on site), and any particular audit takes several years to complete. The return itself is completely protected, and information about it cannot be released by any authority. In fact, even other agencies or people in the IRS cannot access returns easily. However, the annual (and other) financial reports of the corporation, available to any stockholder and others, has a great deal of information about the tax position of the entitiy. FAS 109 and the new FIN 48 disclosures alone require many charts and explanations of tax recordings, audit progressions and liabilities. If after reviewing them you have a specific question as to the reason or effect of a tax position, you may find asking the Co through it's shareholder/investor rep will receive a full reply.