How do you see the aura?

Practice this with your hand, roughly 30cms away from your face look just 1cm between your middle finger and the first finger and concentrate and use your peripheral vision to look at the 2 fingers and you should see the first aura which is transparent that's the easy part the next is the colour aura which tell the personality or mood of someone this my friend is hard to see but just takes time did you know their is 7 or so different auras but us humans can only see up to 3. Just repeat what I told you and meditate and think of when you breath in with your nose compress the auras and when you breath out blow your aura away from your body and repeat those 2 steps and what this does is strengthen your aura and make it more visible with less concentration. Good luck I gave up on mine but now and then I dabble in aura viewing when I pick up a bad vibe from someone to see what colour aura they are. You can look on Google for colours of auras.