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How do you see who views my Facebook profile?


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You can upload certain applications on facebook such as "Social Addict Check" to see who veiws your profile the most that day, week, month, year or of all time! You cant its not possible ob facebook


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You can't it is impossible. There is no tracking of who comes to your profile. But you can see who comments, likes, messages and post on your profile the most though.

If your talking about Myspace or Facebook, there is no way that you can track who views your profile. Sorry.

There is no way to tell who is looking at your profile in Facebook. There are many applications that claim to tell you who views your profile, but none are recognized as useful by Facebook.

You can't. Facebook doesn't aprouve any site that claim to tell you who views your profile the right to really tell you.

when you log on u will see your picture and under you will see how many profile will say: views:255 or Profile views:255

When you log in you see a your picture then you look down then it says profile views then it says how many profile views you have :)

If they blocked you you cannot see their profile. The only way you can see someone's profile is if your their friend on Facebook.

well, i dont know but if you are worried then mke it private only your friend cansee it

There is no way to see who has viewed your Facebook profile. Facebook is a public site and anyone, unless they have been blocked specifically by you, can see that you have a profile. Your privacy settings determine what they can see.

There is no tracking program or application for Facebook to see who visits your profile.

At the moment it is not possible to see or view who is viewing your Facebook profile.

no, they cant see anything you do, and you cant see anything they do!

You don't and will never know. Facebook doesn't track where people go and what they do. So there is no record of people viewing you profile.

You can't, sadly. Facebook does not provide a tracking app that allows you to view who has looked at your profile, seen your profile, searched your profile, or how many times they have done so. Any ads claiming they can find who has viewed your profile is a flat out lie and should not be clicked on or used. I hope that helps:)

There is no feature to check who has viewed your profile on Facebook. Perhaps you got mixed up with Linkedln which has a feature called "Who's Viewed Your Profile".

You can't delete them but you can hide them, then only you can see them Go to your profile On the top of your bebo profile click 'settings' Click 'privacy' Beside 'profile views' Tick the box Save Now only you can see your views i no like

You can't, it simply erases anything to do with that persons profile from Facebook.

There is no way to see a hidden Facebook profile. You will have to become friends with the person to gain access to the account.

I have always woundered that. I highly dobt that, but I still worry. There had been a person once hacked into my Facebook account. I have an idea who did it but was never found out.

At the moment - there is no facility on Facebook for a user to find out who has viewed their profile page.

You can see all the people who has a facebook account, but only if their profile is "open" for everyone to watch. but you can se everybodys profile pic.

There is no way to track who views your profile or photos

No. Facebook doesn't have that function.

No. Facebook doesn't have that function.

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