How do you sell a car?

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One trick in order to sell quick your car is through internet. Car Auctions are the only way to increase your income, because thousands and thousands of buyers and sellers consider the auctions a gold "vein" and the best way to make deals.

So, this is how it is done: you find a car auction or classified and register. If you ask me what auction is to find quickly and easier, I would say Online Public Auto Auctions, because there you save more time and money. But lets make a comparison between Classifieds and Auto Auction; there is a big difference between them.

Classifieds generate more leads than real sales, because the actual transaction doesn't happen online. The seller is posting his car in classifieds for the asked price and the leads are contacting the seller. 98% of these leads will not become buyers. This is time consuming to answer 100 calls to have 2% chance of actually selling the car.

The advantage that is over the classifieds is that the auction can actually sell your car, because the transaction is happening online. The potential buyer finds the car you sell, places a bid or an offer on your car and if matches your reserved price or you accept the offer, the car is sold. People love Auto Auctions because it saves their time and auction method gives them the security that they spent on the car exactly what they counted for. Good luck!

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Q: How do you sell a car?
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