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If you sell it for the amount owed, it's little trouble. Just send in the payoff amount and a letter requesting release of lien status and the title. Once the financial intitution has finished it's paperwork, you'll get title in the mail (you can request it be sent express, but you'll have to pay for shipping). Then just sign it over to the new owner. If you sell it for LESS than you owe, you'll have to pay off the difference. The buyer doesn't want a car with a lien on it. It doesn't mean you have to pay it off out of pocket; you could use another form of credit (credit card, personal loan from the same bank, home equity loan, etc.). The bottom line is you have to pay off the loan to get the title, and you have to have the title to complete the sale.

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Q: How do you sell a car with a lien on it?
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How do i sell a wrecked car i still owe money on?

You cannot sell a car you have a loan on if the lender has a lien on the vehicle. You will need permission from the lien holder to sell the car. If the lender has no lien on the vehicle then you can sell it if you wish. The title will list any lien holder.

What to do when you sell a car with the title being in pawn?

If you sell a car with a lien on it, which is a title pawn. You must pay the lien off before the car is clear and you can get the title back.

Where can sell a used car when it's financed?

You cannot sell a car with a lien against it without getting a lien release from the lender. To do otherwise is illegal.

Can a dealership sell you a car with a lien on it?

The question should be. Should you ever buy a car with a lien on it. The answer is absolutely not, no, not if you are smart.

How do you sell your car with you being the leinholder?

How can you be the lien-holder of your own car.

Can you junk a car without the key or a tittle loan?

You cannot sell a car for salvage unless you have the title with you listed as the owner with no lean on the car. If there is a lien on the car you cannot sell it without having the lien removed.

Can you sell your car if there is a tax lien on it?

In order to sell your car, you must pay off the lien to the IRS first, or find a buyer who is willing to pay off the lien. Only when the IRS has accepted payment can you or someone else receive Title to the car.

Do I inherit a debt if the car I bought had a lien on it?

It is illegal to sell a car with a lien on it. If it has a lien you will not be able to register the car in your name. The loan must be paid off and the lien released before you can actually own the car. You may have just got scammed.

What can you do if you bought a car at auction and got a title from the DMV with no liens then 2 months later a bank says they havea lien?

well if you have a clean title with no lien on it, then i say sell the car with that title there should be no problem what so ever. i need to know what happens if i sell a car with a lien on the title (auction car) but the lien does not pertain to me, can the car be successfully transferred to another person ? or what do i have to do to remove this lien ? email me -

What happens to a lien on a house after it expires?

The lain stays with the mortgage. And if the owner of the mortgage does not settle up with the lien holder that person cannot sell their house, car, boat or whatever the lien is on. They have to pay lien first or sell and before they get the money the amount of the lien will be deducted from total sell

Can you sell your car to family member when your car has been impounded?

No. As long as your car has a lien on it, no deal can be made. The lien in this case is what you owe the impound lot, funds that must be paid to release your car.

Can you sell a car to dealership if your loan was charged off and you a have a lien on the title?

At minimum, you must satisfy (pay off) the lien. Talk to a dealership---NOT the one you plan to do business with, but call a different one---they can give you information. When you go to sell the car, keep in mind the lien amount in your overall price you want for the car. Make sure you get paperwork when you pay off the lien.

What happens if deductible isn't paid after car is fixed?

The repair shop can lien the car and sell it.

What happens when a lien is placed on a car?

Most likely they will take the car and want to sell it to get their money

Can you sell the car before they repo it if they are alraedy saying that they want to repo it?

No, the car has a lien on it. You cannot legally sell without a lien release from the lender. Be careful, you will get into serious trouble trying this. You can sell the car if the lender agrees but if they are trying to repo it i doubt they would agree to a sale at this point.

You bought a 02 Grand Am and have a lien on it Why wont a loan Company let you sell the car and finish paying off the loan?

Because its not your car really its the person/company's car that holds the lien.

does my car have a lien?

does my car have a lien?

Can a person sell a car and remain a lien holder till all the payments are made?

Yes, a person can sell a car and remain a lien holder until all the payments are made. This is done once in awhile and works well if you don't have to repossess your car.

Can you go to jail if you sell a car with a lien on it?

In most states a vehicle can be sold if it has a lien on it. However, if the vehicle is sold and the lien is not paid, it is a criminal offense. It is actually theft.

Can you sell a car after you have paid repossession fees on that car?

Not unless the title has been cleared by the lien holder.

Can you sell your car if it is being used in a cross collateral loan?

No, it has a lien on it. You cannot sell it without permission from the lender.

How does a lien work?

A lien means that someone can seize your property if you do not pay them what you agreed to pay. When banks lend money to buy cars, for instance, they get a "lien" on the car so that the owner cannot sell the car without paying them back.

Can the finance company repo your car when you have a title with no lien?

Yes. The note creates a lien, regardless of whether it is officially recorded on the title. If the lien is not on the title, this will merely create some extra work for the repossessor when they try to sell the car.

You want to sell your car to your daughter but you want to keep title until she pays off the loan how can I do it?

The car can be registered in her name with you being the lien holder. After the car is paid for, you can sign the release of lien and the car can then be registered solely in her name.

Can a lien be put on your car for a body shop repair?

yep, you should've paid. have fun trying to sell your car.

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