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You can sell your car to a dealer.If you do not owe more then bule book. on a trade in they will pay off the loan. But have some cash for a down payment at lease $1,000 dollars

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Q: How do you sell a car you bought on finance?
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Related questions

Can you sell your car what you have on finance?

Not if it is on hire purchace. If you bought it with a personal loan yes you can.

After a car is repo can the finance company sell it back to the dealer you bought the car from or is it suppose to be auction off?

Normally it is not auctioned off but it can be. Normally they accept bids on it. The lender owns the vehicle and can sell it to anyone they wish, even the dealer you bought it from. You have no say in who they sell it to, and you are also going to be responsible for the difference in what it sells for and what you owe on it.

Car a finance company report your car as stolen?

Yes, they can. They can't finance you car if your car is a stolen car. When you put your car from a finance company, make sure that your car isn't stolen and bought it in a big car company.

What if the dealership you bought your car from went out of business and the finance company does not have the title your car is paid off how do you sell the car without the title?

You should be able to go to the DMV and get a duplicate. It takes about 5 days.

Is it leagal to sell car finance to a 19 year old in England?

is it legal to sell car finance to a 19 year old with out a guarantor in England

Can you sell your car if your girlfriends name is on your title but you bought the car?


How used car dealer finance their car?

They making some buy and sell stuffs.

Is it illegal to sell a car on finance and stop paying for it?


Can you return a used car to the finance company in Canada?

Yes, you can return a used car to the finance company in Canada. However, you also can consider returning it to the dealer you bought it from as well.

Is it illegal to sell a car on finance to pay off finance?

I believe in certain states yes due to the fact that you don't own the car, the bank or lean holder does.

How long do you have to hold a car someone bought from you?

You can sell it immediately if it is your car titled in your name.

Can you return a car bought on a personal loan when you were told it was on finance?

Have the car voluntarily repossessed. Using this option means that you voluntarily return the car to the finance loan company if you are too far behind on your payments and can't recover. If you decide to return the car, the finance company may pick up the vehicle or it may require that you return the car to its location.

Is it illegal for a dealer to sell a car without a catyalitic converter?

Yes it is illegal for a dealer to sell such a car. Contact your state Attorney General if you bought such a car.

Need a lien release for a paid car from dime auto finance?

dime finance the loan to my car which has been paid off. Where do i go to get a letter stating that the car has been paid off so that i can sell the vehicle

If you sell your car while there is finance owed can you go to prison?

If there is no intent to defraud or mislead then no

Can you get an auto loan on a salvage car?

Yes, some small dealers sell them (and finance)

Does BJ's sell car Batteries?

Yes, I bought a car battery at BJ's Wholesale Club last week.

What do you do before you sell a car?

Before you selling your car, make sure the car does not have any mileage related issues, finance owing or not. Because, it is strictly unlawful to selling a car having these issues.

If my husband bought me a car but it was my money that paid for it can he make me sell it?

He cant make you do anything but if his name is on it he can sell it.

When a car is repossessed does the finance company have to sell it for the amount it is worth?

no, they will sue you for the balance owed after the sale

Can you sell the car after it is charge off?

If you have a clear title, then you can sell it. I don't know why a finance company would charge the car off and give you the title, but if through some miracle that did happen, then you could sell it.

Where can a BMW F30 be bought?

This beautiful sixth generation of the BMW series can be bought from any major car dealership. The car's availability is surprising vast as they sell well.

Where can you purchase a Corsa VXR?

A Corsa VXR can be bought from a variety of sources. They can be bought from the Car dealers that sell them as a more main stream way. They can also be bought from online listings for used cars or car auctions.

Can you sell a car you bought before you transferred the tile?

no.get your title first

What do you do if the finance company has put repossession on your car due to non-payment and you wrecked your car and you had no insurance coverage?

The finance company will sell the wrecked car and you will be liable for the balance on yourloan less whatever the car sells for which in your case will be almost the total of your outstanding loan.Then they will come after you for the money.