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How do you sell a product idea?

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In most cases, an idea in itself is almost worthless. You'll have a hard time selling just the idea. In fact, most companies will not even want to look at it - someone else might have the same idea later, and if they turned you down you might think they stole it when it appears in the marketplace later. It becomes progressively more valuable as the idea progresses from thought to market dominance. | Idea - lowest value
| Copyrighted
| Prototyped
| Trademarked
| Patent applied for
| International Patents applied for
| Patent obtained
| Packaging designed
| Market studies conducted that prove market
| Introduced into marketplace
| Successful in marketplace
| Interest by competitors in aquiring
| Dominating market share - highest value.
So You've Got A Great Idea is a data CD that covers how to accomplish these steps. It is $35 and available from BizShop - 1-800-949-8029 or

2006-11-02 16:06:31
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Can you sell your product if patent has expired?

Legally you can, however there is nothing protecting you from having your product idea stolen so its probably not a good idea

Sell the sizzle not the steak?

Sell the sizzle not the steak would refer to the ideology that simply believes in exposing off the "IDEA" of the product you are talking about.

Do Mercury Drugs sell Agua de Caravana?

yes, in 1970's mercury drug sell this bottled product... no idea if it still does today

How is promotion related to communication?

promotion related to communication because without communication you cannot promote your product by simply presenting it and have your own idea on how to sell your product

What is marketing presentation?

It is ideas and promotional ways to sell a product. You go in front of the people that make the decision with a skit or idea of how to sell a product to the mass public at its best possible way of making the best possible profit at the least cost, sometimes.

Who came up with the idea for cattle trails?

More than likely it was a Texican. In order to sell your product you must first get it to market.

How would you sell a product?

You can sell your product by ensuring that people know about it. This means you should advertise or promote your product aggressively.

What is the difference between idea and phantasm?

phantasm - product of imagination idea - product of the intellect

How do you secure a new business?

by having a good networkif you sell a product - say Product A - and want to expand, get the idea from these perspectives of chain: before, during and after. I.e. what products/services that customers need/want before, during and after product A.

Who do wholesalers sell products to?

After the product is manufactured wholesalers sell it to retailers where the consumers can buy the product!

Can one sell Amway products online?

i sell the product i intrest amway product excellent

Can you sell a product in the UK if it has a us patent?

you can sell it.

Would Pillsbury be interested in a ready to roll tortilla product I believe would sell good?

yes! veryy muchh! i thnk it would be a terrific idea. and indeed it would sell good.! 88]

How do you transmit new product ideas?

You get a patent and then seek an investor or try to sell the patented idea to a company that operates in the field of your new product idea. Alternatively you can just blog about your new ideas like I do or submit them to another site or blog that welcomes new innovations. It all depends on whether you want to make money off your idea, spend money on your idea, or just share your idea. Good luck!

What is a production concept?

Production conceptMake the product cheaply distribute it cheaply and sell it cheaply. *The idea is that because its cheap people will buy it for the reason

Customer response while you sell the product through phones?

Customer response while you sell the product through phones?"

How did JCPenney get started in business?

To sell a better product for the best product.

What is the purpose of a product?

the purpose of a product is that so u sell it fool

What is the best selling patio product in the US?

how to sell a any product

How do you sell a product to the customer?

you get a stand then, ask them if they want a sample of that product

What does the Hormel Sell by Date mean?

The "Sell By" date is the date after which the store is not supposed to sell the product.

How do you sell a celebrity product?


How can you sell your product at shoprite?

by advertising to them

How can you sell your product on eBay?


Meaning of email pitches in marketing?

A pitch is a term used to sell a product, idea or concept. Pitches in email marketing are basically emails that just sell. The key to email marketing is to build a relationship as constant pitches will be ignored.