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Q: How do you send a emotios to the hi5 comment?
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How do you send Hi5 pictures to Facebook?

you do this (^^^)

What is hi5?

Hi5 is like a myspace. All you do is talk to people and they are prolly from around the world.Answer :Hi5 is also a social network site in which you can contact other person, talk them and send/receive message.

When you join Hi5 does it send a email to everyone on your contacts?

Yes, Indeed when you sign up for "Hi5" It does automatically send an email to everyone in your contacts on hotmail, gmail, facebook, myspace, Etc. It will send it to the email address you used to sign up to Hi5. If this has not helped please mail " " Thank you -I hope this has helped!

Who created hi5?

Ramu Yalamanchi created hi5 Hi5 Construction World Pimp you hi5 here at Hi5 Hi5 Hi5 images Hi5 pictures Hi5 background Hi5 layout Hi5 codes Hi5 skin Hi5 pimp hi5 chat hi5 cursors

How can you tell something to mimo777?

I guess you send him a comment. [question makers comment: how do you send a comment? i know his secret site and i want to comment]

How can send message to all of hi5 friends?

What to do so that my friends will reply my message

When did hi5 start?

The hi5 started in 2012

Is hi5 safe?

hi5 is the safest site ever!!!

How can you activate your account on hi5?

how can you activate your account on hi5?

Alan rickman has hi5?

No, Alan Rickman does not have hi5.

Does drew seeley have hi5?

yeah he does have hi5 Drew approved this account.

How do you send questions to a celebrities?

Tweet them or comment on their Instagram

How do you comment on stories on

You can't. But you can send them a message.

How do you registre in hi5? this is the main link for registering a hi5 account

How do you make a hi5?

=== === this is the main link for registering a hi5 account!!! hope you enjoy!!! or you could type join hi5

Does Selena Gomez have a hi5?

Yes. Her hi5 is

Does Ashley Tisdale have a hi5?

Her real hi5 is

What is most visited MySpace or hi5?

hi5 is most visited then myspace

Does Vanessa Hudgens has a hi5?

i dont really know what you mean by hi5.

How can you send Stephenie Meyer a comment?

i believe this is really her myspace: that would be a good way to send her a comment. You could also try her website:

Will someone know that their comment's been flagged on facebook?

yes. when a comment gets flagged,they will send you a notice by message

How do you activate my account on hi5?

i would like to active my hi5 account. my yvonne

You wanted to see a hi5 but you dont have an account with hi5?

that means you cant see it

How do you active account on hi5?

i would like to active my hi5 account. my yvonne

How do you become a member of hi5?

When you go to homepage of hi5. You should find there if you wanna login or join. Click Join Hi5 and fill small form then you are in.