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Make a copy of the second side and feed it into the fax after the front.

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What is the purpose of a fax document?

The fax was invented to send documents through telephonic wires.

How do you fax somethin?

You can fax something by finding a fax machine, putting the document you want to fax into the document feeder, dialing the number you want to send to, and pressing send. As long as the machine on the other ends picks up, and the line isn't interrupted, then the fax will be transmitted.

What does FAX stand for?

Fax stand for facsimile or send a copy of document. It can be done through traditional fax machoine or thourg

How do you set fax in SCX 4521F?

The question is unclear. To send a fax in a Samsung SCX 4521F, insert the document in the document feeder, dial the number to fax to, and press send. The user manual has been placed in the related links section.

How do you send a fax with using online fax services?

Typically you will be given a custom email address that you use. Once you send a document to this email address the service is able to route the document to the appropriate place.

Does fax machine use ink when sending fax?

No, it scans the document and then send the fax image. A good alternative is to fax digitally using your Gmail account.

How do you send a fax?

On a conventional fax machine, you load the document into the fax machine, dial the fax number (dialed exactly the same way you would dial the same telephone number from a landline telephone at the same location), and press Send. Some newer fax machines may allow you to scan the document into memory before dialing the number. You may also be able to send a fax directly from your computer without printing it on paper, using the same process as printing, but selecting the fax machine instead of a printer. You will be prompted to enter the fax number. Lastly, some Internet fax services allow you to scan a document or otherwise create a digital image of a document and send it through the Internet.

How do you use canon l3805 fax machine?

There is no Canon fax machine with model #i3805. To use a generic fax machine, send by putting your document in the feeder, dial the number, and press send.

How do I send a fax over the internet?

You can send a fax over teh internet through the service of a virtual office online. YOu just upload the document to them and enter the number and it is sent to the fax machine.

How do you send a fax mail at home?

Firstly, one may consider purchasing a fax machine and a landline so that one may send a fax. However if one does not purchase a fax machine, one can send document files over the internet using InterFax, an internet fax service.

What is a fax document?

a fax document is a document that has been sent over a fax machine.

How does sending a fax work?

A fax machine will scan the document first. Then it will encode the information, and send it via a phone line.

How can a person fax an important document?

A person can fax an important document through a fax machine. Also, there are some services that allow one to send faxs directlt through emails to cut down on the hassle.

What are the Advantages of fax machines?

Advantages of fax are it can send immediate copy of files, sensitive data can be transmitted safely and it can send both graphical and text document immediately.

Is it possible to send a fax for free online?

Yes. It is possible to send free fax online you can do so by downloading specialized software. Or by uploading the document to

What program could you use for mobile phone working with fax machine?

To send a fax with a smartphone, there are applications on the market that will let you send - it is called an "online fax" account. If you already have a fax machine, some models have wifi on them, that will allow you to send a document from a smartphone (or laptop) via wifi, and the fax machine can then send the transmission through the phone line.

How do you fax a document from your PC to a AIO printer with fax?

Using internet fax, you can send faxes using your PC to a traditional fax machine. Try RingCentral free trialservices nad

What are the three steps fax machine use to send and receive information?

The three main steps would be: - scanning the document - transmitting the document over the phone line - printin the document at the receiving fax machine

How do you send fax from fax machine of scx-4521f?

The user manual for the Samsung SCX-5421f lists sending instructions in section 7-3. A link to the manual has been placed in the "related links" section. With most fax machines, the way to send a fax is to 1) make sure the fax machine is properly connected, 2) insert the document into the document feeder 3) dial the number you want to fax to, 4) press send (usually a green button) 5) wait for the fax machine on the other side to confirm receipt of the document.

How you can send a fax?

Just put the A4 paper and fax them to somebody you want toAnswerThere are 2 ways to send faxes its by using internet fax or fax machine. For fax machine, feed the paper to the machine then dial the number of your fax destination. With internet fax service, attach fax document on your email and send it to online fax number. this is a paid service so, in order for you to have an online fax number and online fax account, you need to subscribe for the service.

How do you send a fax from my canon MX860 multi pass printer?

You would insert the document in the feeder (include a cover sheet), press the "fax" button, dial the number, then press send.

What is the easiest way to send a fax via the internet?

The easiest way to send a fax via the internet is to use a printer. Many printers have the option to scan and fax a document to any person, as long as the contact information is known.

How do you send a fax from US to Malaysia?

Using a traditional fax:1. Acquire the fax number in Malaysia2. Insert the facsimile you want to send on the fax machine's sheet feeder.3. Dial the fax number.4. Wait for a fax tone. Or if someone answered the call ask them to give you a fax tone.5. Press the send or transmit button on your fax machine.Using internet faxing (if you have a paid/free internet fax subscription):1. Scan the document you want to send.2. Log to your email account.3. Fill-up the receiver's information (email, fax number).4. Attached the scanned document.5. Type some message on the body of the email.6. Click the send button.

Where can I find free software that will let me send fax from your email?

As long as you don't need to send a lot of faxes, is a good, free fax service that does not require software. Simply upload your Word or PDF document and enter the contact information to send a free fax.

Where can you fax a document?

Anywhere that has a fax machine and a communications connection through a telephone or internet.AnswerYou can send fax from your home using your internet connected PC. But you need to have a fax software also you can subscribe to online fax service from providers.

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