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Connect your fax machine to the phone line, then you can receive fax that is in you home number.

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Q: How do you send a fax on a fax machine using a house phone number?
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How can you call the house you are in using the house phone?

You can't. If you dial the number to the house phone from that same phone you will get a busy signal.

How can i get the phone no by using house no?

dial it

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Is using your house phone for facebook illegal?


Can a fax number be a cell phone number?

It's possible, but not likely. There's no theoretical reason a fax machine couldn't be made to work using cell phone technology, but I'm not aware of any company making such a device.

How do you find a cell phone lost in your house?

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How can iPhone you .?

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What are the uses of fax?

Send memos, documents, or anything in the paper form that can be scanned and then sent to an accepting fax machine (using the phone number). The documents that were scanned will be transmitted to the fax machine that you are intending it to go to (assuming you put in the correct phone number), thus allowing for speedy delivery and elimination of "snail" mail.

On a phone what does 1 ring and an answering machine mean?

It means there internet and phone are connected so they cant us the internet and phone at the same time. If its 1 ring and an answering machine they are using the internet.

Someone is using my phone number what should I do?

Call your phone company and report it. Then get your number changed.

Do you get charged on your phone bill for using a fax machine?

Yes, you will be charged on your phone bill for any long distance calls you make from your fax machine, at exactly the same rate you would be charged for calling the same number from a landline phone at the same location. Your fax machine is basically a specialized telephone that encodes an image (your document) into sounds that are sent over an ordinary telephone call.

How do you access messages remote with Conair TAD1212?

Call the number of your house/business that is using the answer machine after the greeting press # and the three to four digit number on the bottom of the machine. Make sure to hold each number 1-2 secounds and leave a pause of 1 Secound between each number

How do you send a phone number from one phone to another?

It can be sent by using Bluetooth

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it is possible for someone to use your cell phone number

Skylynn griers phone number?

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How is an online fax different from using a fax machine?

An online fax sends the fax over the internet instead of using phone lines. There's no phone line required, a reduction in phone costs, no hardware or software needed.

Can you send a fax from a fax machine using a cell phone?

yes it is possible if u have the right program

Mobile phone can the phone be used after being switched off using the IMEI number?

A mobile phone can be used after being switched off using the IMEI number or in a variety of other ways. If the phone is internet or wifi enabled, the phone can be used in conjunction with different video phone apps.

Can you delete content in mobile phone using phone number?

no sorry! unless you are an illegal hacker.

What are the advantages of a microphone?

The advantages of the microphone is that you can speak to people from your house, without using a mobile phone, or house phone, it also doesnt use an credit and is used in your computer

How can you find your friends number by using her name?

the phone book

How can you find someone on twitter using phone number?

You can't.

What are the advantages of using a mobile phone?

You don't have to be in your house call anyone and their are numerous other features that you can't do with a home phone.

Is there a charge to fax from home?

Assuming that you already own the fax machine, the only charge is the cost of the telephone call using the fax machine. If the number you are sending the fax to is a free local call, or a toll-free number, then there is no charge to send the fax from your home. If the number is not local or toll-free, you will pay the same per-minute long distance charges you would pay if you made a regular phone call from your home phone to the same number. Of course, you will also pay for the electricity to operate the fax machine, but that cost is negligible.