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With internet fax service you can have updates about your online faxes into your mobile phone.

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Q: How do you send a fax to a phone?
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How do you send a fax on a fax machine using a house phone number?

Connect your fax machine to the phone line, then you can receive fax that is in you home number.

When I send a fax from my phone does it look the same as regular fax?

Yes, the majority of faxing is sent through phone lines.

What program could you use for mobile phone working with fax machine?

To send a fax with a smartphone, there are applications on the market that will let you send - it is called an "online fax" account. If you already have a fax machine, some models have wifi on them, that will allow you to send a document from a smartphone (or laptop) via wifi, and the fax machine can then send the transmission through the phone line.

Can you use a regular phone line to send a fax?


How do you answer a fax machine?

To answer a fax is simply pick up the phone and answer it. No other control not unless you're going to send a fax.

Send fax using cellphone?

One feature of the online fax service is for you to be able to send and receive faxes using your smart phone.

Is there any way to send a fax from your email?

No but you can use the send to fax function most computers have buy you need plugged into the phone line.

Can you send a fax to yourself?

You can with an online fax service, however if you try to fax yourself from a fax machine, you're likely to get a busy phone line.

Can you send a fax from a fax machine using a cell phone?

yes it is possible if u have the right program

What is the use of communication technology such as phone and fax and internet?

Phone is to call, send and receive message. Fax is to send and receive sensitive file.Internet can be a phone and a fax or both at the same time. Internet can deliver and receive messages anywhere and anytime as long as internet is present.

How do you use the internet on your phone?

Use to send and receive online fax.

Can a printer send a fax?

If the printer has a fax feature and is hooked up to a phone line, yes it can. If it doesn't, no it can't.

Can you send text messages to a fax machine?

No, unless it is a home phone/fax machine; it will only read it out loud.

If phone on fax can it be answered?

Your question is unclear. If you have a single phone line, it can only be used for one thing at a time... you can talk on the phone, or send/receive fax data, not both (if you have "call waiting", switching from the fax to a call will disrupt the fax). If you have multiple lines, it depends on your fax machine, but in most cases you still wouldn't be able to send or receive a fax and talk on the phone at the same time. However, if you have a combination fax machine/phone, usually you CAN pick up the handset if a voice call comes in, even if the machine is set to default to fax mode.

Do you need a fax number to send faxes from your fax machine?

Well, you should have a fax number already to use with your machine (HINT: the phone number)

How do you use a fax?

Put a piece of paper in the proper position on the fax machine. Then dial the phone number you want to send the fax to. Then when you hear the continuous beeping sound, press the SEND button. That's it.

How does sending a fax work?

A fax machine will scan the document first. Then it will encode the information, and send it via a phone line.

How do you connect a mobile phone with a wireless fax machine?

To print to a fax machine wirelessly from a mobile phone: you would need a fax machine (or multifunction) with wifi capability. The drivers (or app) would be on the phone, and you could fax from the phone that way. This depends on the technology that both your phone and fax machine have. To fax from a mobile phone: there are services called "online fax" services that will let you send or receive faxes from a phone or computer. To fax wirlessly from a fax machine through a cell phone: this technology isn't on the market, however there are "GSM faxes" that can operate off of a cell phone signal.

Do you need special device to send print to fax?

You can purchase a copy machine that has fax capabilities (for hard copies) or if your phone can connect to your computer and you have internet you can send from your computer.

How do you send a fax using an old fashioned fax machine?

Dial the number you want to send your fax, then press "send" of "fax" button of your fax machine.

Will fax be received even if I answer the phone?

This is one disadvantage of using fax machine, you cannot receive a fax when your phone is off hook. Unless you have a dedicated phone line for the fax machine alone. Internet fax on the other hand does not require a dedicated phone line and a fax machine. All fax documents are sent over the internet connection, which means you can send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere.

Describe the use of fax machine?

A fax machine (or fascimile) is used to send and receive docments from one fax machine to another over a phone connection.

Can you send a fax to your computer from your own fax machine with a single phone line?

It the computer is on the same line as the fax machine then no. The fax machine will dial the receivers number to ask for the fax receiver to allow it to send. as you are sending on the same line you'll probably get an engaged tone

What kind of phone package allows to send fax?

There are many all in one phones that will allow one to send a fax. Some phones that have this facility include the 'Brother FAX-575', the 'HP CM721A' and the 'Brother FAX275'.

What does an internet fax service do?

An internet fax service allows you to receive or send faxes over the internet, through e-mail, the web or even on your smart phone. Internet fax services allow you to send your fax as a digital file and eliminates the need for the old fax machine.