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Use MMS. Its the same as sending an sms message. You use mms instead of sms

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the mobile phone is made up of plastic, metals and micro chips, which allows you to make calls from one phone to another.... XD **=?

A mobile phone tariff it cost of any transaction made on your mobile phone.

Most mobile phone bodies are made from ABS.

The first mobile phone was made in 1983.

I picked up my mobile phone and made a call. She bought a new mobile phone.

Mobile phone cases are made of rubber or plastic even fiber glass

A mobile phone is mainly made of Coltan, mainly from the DRC (democratic republic of congo) and Tungsten.

When was first com mercial mobile phone made and by whom?

It is made from polycarbonate

07505197289 not made up phone it and i will answer 07827387203 not made up phone it and i will answer

Martin Cooper - A Motorola researcher and executive. He made the first mobile phone and was the first man to make a mobile phone :)

there is no part of a mobile that is made from polymer (exept the polymer casing that the mobile phone comes in).

the phone was made in the 10 of march

Rigid polystyrene can be made into a mobile phone holder

i think john smith

The mobile phone was never born it was made by such companies as samsung,sony ericson,apple,blackberry etc. If you want the date of the first mobile phone then you would have to look on wikipedia.

Martin Cooper Made The First Phone (Motorola) In 1973...

No it is a tablet. But phone calls can be made through the use of certain apps

SIM Cards are made to work in any mobile phone. But some mobile phones especially if bought from a mobile phone operator are blocked and work only with a SIM of the operator who sold you the phone. An exception is that some rare phones like iPhone 4 use Micro SIM, therefore a normal SIM just doesn't fit.

The earliest mobile fictional description is found in the science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein 1948. The first mobile phone was from the company Motorola in 1973.

The first call on a handheld mobile phone was made on April 3, 1973.

The first mobile phone was made by Martin Cooper a Motorola employee. With the use of a prototype the MotorDynaTAC 80000x was made that the world's first commercial cell phone.