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-Open your windows messenger and sign in.

-Click the menu button in the upper right hand side of the messenger.

-Click Actions, Send Other, Send a Message to a mobile device...

-Choose the contact that you want the text message to go to. Click OK.

-Type your message and send.

(This is free only if the person your sending the text to has unlimited texting)

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Can you contact the police on your computer?

Yes, in England there is a Crimestoppers web site. You can also phone them using Windows Messenger or Skype.

Do you have to pay to use windows live messenger on your mobile phone?

as far as I am aware you do not have to pay for windows live messenger on your phone but you will have to pay for data if you go over your allowance.

Can kik messenger will be downloaded on Windows 8?

No. Its a phone app not Windows 8 app.

How do you get windows live messenger on your phone?

if you have an iphone go to the app store then search windows live messenger. if you have a droid go to the market then search it

Is it possible to remove all text from a theme?

no its a bit like windows live messenger but a phone is not windows live messenger ha ha

How do you get windows on your phone?

well first you download Windows Mobile Device and then plug your phone into the computer and then when it has found connection it will download windows vista onto your phone.

What messenger app works with Blackberry and iTouch?

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other

How can you find out if a instant message is from a cell phone or computer?

If it's from another phone - it will usually display the number of the phone that sent the message. If from a computer, it'll probably just display the URL address (for example

How do you sync music from your computer to your HTC Mozart?

windows phone app if on mac, and zune/windows phone connector for pc

Does yahoo messenger cost money. also does yahoo messenger for blackberry show up on my bill?

Nothing! Yahoo! Messenger is free - including making free worldwide PC-to-PC calls. For a small charge, you can call friends on regular or mobile phones or get a phone number for your PC (so they call call you on your computer from any phone.) by the way windows live messenger is better and free so try that

How does the sms messaging system work when you send a message to another cell phone?

The SMS messaging system connects your message to a another cell phone via the phone number and transmits the text data via satellite.

How do you get your phone to pop up on windows media player?

You can connect your phone to your computer through USB. You must be able to browse your files with Windows Explorer. If you cannot, then your phone is not setup to be accessed by your computer or you do not have the proper driver.

Does this cordless phone work with Skype software?

This phone is designed to be compatible with Windows Live Messenger only. It will not work with any other service.

How can you instant message someone on their cell phone using a computer?

If the cell phone user has the same instant messaging program that you have on your computer, then yes. For example, if you have AIM on your computer and they have the mobile application for AIM on their cell phone, then you can communicate with them from your computer to your cell phone.

How do you transfer a recorded phone message to a computer?

1. find a program on the computer that will let you do that 2. get the cord that connects your phone to your computer 3. open up the application for the computer 4. open up the phone file 5. connect it

How do you download songs from your computer to your phone and do you have to have your phone pluged to your computer?

Yes you need a USB cord compatible with your phone. once it detects your phone you should be able to transfer thru windows media

How do you do live video calling?

On a computer, it's as simple as having a webcam and downloading a program that allows you to do video calling (ie; Skype, Windows Live Messenger, etc.). On a cell phone, you need to have a video calling equipped phone that has a camera built specifically for the task.

How do you add ringtones to Pantech Hotshot from a computer?

I make my own ringtones and it is possible to add them to the Hotshot and save them as ringtones. Use the Hotshot supplied cable to connect the phone to the computer. Copy the ringtones from the computer to the "Sounds" folder on the phone. Actually, that folder is on the memory card in the phone. Then prepare to send a pix message FROM the phone back TO the phone. Attach the sound to a pix message, no picture is required, and send the message from your phone number to your phone number. When the message arrives, select the More button, select Save as Ringtone. You can say No to the next screen that asks if you want to Set the sound as the current ringtone. If someone else has a ringtone you want, they can send it to you in a message and you can save the tone as a ringtone when the message arrives.

How do you get music on g1?

plug in your phone to a computer and mount then open in my computer if you have windows or click the name on macs and click and drag music into your phone folder

How do you get music from a CD onto your phone?

Using Windows Media Player rip the songs from the CD into your library, then connect your phone to your computer and, either using Windows Media Player, select the songs and sinc them to your phone, or find where the songs are saved on your computer then copy the files onto your phone.

How can i download kik to my cell phone?

Kik is a messenger app that is available for Windows and Android phones. You can download it to your Android cell phone by going to the Google Play store.

How do you sync music from your computer to your phone?

Go to Windows media player then connect your phone to USB the click sync

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