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There are many different sites that allow you to send free text messages from your computer to a cell phone. Here are a few that I know: I hope these work for you!

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Q: How do you send a text message online to a cell phone?
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How can you send your cell phone text messages to your other cell phone or?

you simply type your message and enter the phone number of the person you want to send the message to.

How do you send a message to skandar keynes's?

To send a message to Skander Keynes you can message them on social media. If you have their cell phone number, you can also send a message via text message.

How do you send a picture from your cell phone to another cell phone?

by new pic message. when u hit new text message u should have 3 option(sp) pick the new pic message

How do you send a text message for one Canadian cell phone to another Canadian cell phone?

just like you do with an American cell phone.

How do you self destruct a cell phone by a text message?

Send them a bill.

How do you text on your cell phone?

go to menu messaging create message type your message and send it

What does failed message mean on your cell phone?

It means that your message was not able to send. I recommend resending it.

How do I send a picture from a Verizon Wireless cell phone to a Nextel cell phone?

From the messaging menu, select "New PIX Message". Now, enter the phone number of the cell phone to which you want to send a picture.

How do you reply congratulatory message?

From your cell phone, go to message and type Congratulations and send it. That's all!!!

How do you send a text message from your cell phone to Europe?

Put it in a letter and mail it.

Where is it possible to send free SMS online?

SMS message can be sent for free online at sites like Textmefree and Sendmessage. An SMS message can also be sent from an email account directly to the mobile phone using the cell phone number and the cell service provider information in the email address.

How can you send an instant message from your cell phone?

install msn for your phone. it is usually provided by your network provider.

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