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If you're just want to transfer the picture, all you need to do is connect the phone to your PC, with either a Digital Camera cable, or 'pair' the phone to your PC via Bluetooth. Then use your Image Editing Software, to transfer the image. However, if you wish to transfer the whole message, you will need to install Motorola Phonetools V.4®, which will provide the necessary drivers and additional utilities required to do this. To use this software your phone must be connected to your PC, either via a cable or Bluetooth. The messages should transfer, as soon as this program is opened on your PC. Another method, which I tend to regard as the method of last resort, is to forward the message to an email account.

To do this; you need to access the message in the Message Inbox on your phone and highlight it.

Then pressing the menu key to access the Message Menu, scroll down to select Forward, this will open the message. Next press the right-hand Send To option, at the bottom of the screen, which will open your Address Book.

Then simply scroll down to the email address that you want to send the message to, which in this case will be one of your own, then completing this operation by pressing Send. As you will have realised, this final method will cost you the price of sending 1 MMS message.

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Q: How do you send multimedia picture messages from a Motorola L6 mobile phone on Orange Network to a PC?
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