How do you send music from an Android phone to another Android phone?

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Using your phone's bluetooth connection.
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What is Android phone?

its every phone with operating system Android from Google

What can a phone with android do?

Android differs from other operating systems in the following ways: . Open-source. The Android platform is completely open source, meaning that the source code is availabl

What can a Android phone do?

everything lol...but there a website i like to use reviews,photos,information

Do Android phones play music?

Yes, Android Phones can play music they are loaded with music players which can play music files for you and still if you don't have any music player over your Android device

What Android phones have android 2.3.3?

The current and most advanced version of the Android Operating system (2.3.4) can be found on the Nexus class of phones, most notably the Nexus S and Nexus 1. However, all dev

What is a phone android?

There's nothing named "phone android" rather the correct term would be "Android Phone" anyway an Android phone can be said as a device running Android as an Operating System.

Can you get i - phone apps on an android phone?

This depends on the developer. Sometimes a developer will develop applications exclusively for Android or exclusively for iOS. But you can usually find the same app or a simil

How do you transfer music from computer to Android phone?

you have this usb thing were it has a small usb and large usb. you put it the big usb in the usb port and the small in were you put it in chargehing then wait then you go to t
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Need to send free text from pc to Android phone?

do you have an email account? text messages are basically tiny emails...just remember, only text and a limit of 180 characters MAX including spaces..etc... you can send dir