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I am assuming you are speaking of a 301. I just pulled a 301 out of a 1978 Pontiac Bonneville. First pull the fly wheel cover. Then there are 6 bolts to remove the bellhousing from the block. If you remove the distributor cap. You will have descent access to the top four bolts. I believe it was a 9/16s. then you will need to get under the car to remove the bottom two. Then there are three bolts that connect the fly wheel to the torque converter. that is also 9/16s. you will need to stop the motor from spinning when apply pressure to these. If you are only dropping the tranny, you will need to remove the cross member. Make sure you have a transmission jack or something adequate.

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2012-01-29 23:56:31
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Q: How do you separate a Pontiac 3.8 series 2 motor from it's transmission?
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