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If your talking about separating a mixture of Iodine and salt (Sodium Chloride) then to separate them the easiest way would be to mix the mixture in water which will cause the sodium chloride to dissolve (along with a very small amount of iodine), then you just pour off the water and viola, your iodine is left at the bottom. Repeat this process again to make sure you get rid of all the sodium chloride

Note: ~37.5 grams of sodium chloride will dissolve in 100mL of water at room temperature ~21 degrees Celsius. So you may need to repeat the process depending on how much salt is mixed with the iodine.

Note: the iodine may form a suspension in the water, if this is the case allow it to sit for a while to form the sediment at the bottom, if it doesn't you can use filter paper when you pour out the water.

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How do we separate iodine and common salt?

Common salt is soluble in water.

How will you separate iodine and salt mixture?

heat the mixture iodine will sublime collect the iodine vapour separately and cool

How do you separate a mixture of salt from iodine crystals?

You can pick out the crystals manually, and evaporate the salt by using boiling water.

What is the process known which is used to separate iodine and salt?

i think, perhaps cyrstalization or centrifugation.

How do you separate sodium chloride from copper carbonate and iodine?

Iodine is soluble in alcohol but not copper carbonate and salt. Dissolve iodine and filter to get salt and copper carbonate left in paper. Salt is soluble in water but not copper carbonate, so add water and dissolve salt. Filter to get salt water filtrate. Evaporate salt water to dryness.

Is salt iodine?

No, salt is mainly Sodium. Iodine is added to salt to prevent iodine deficiency.

How do you separate a mixture of iodine salt and sand?

First heat the mixture; the iodine will sublime and turn to a vapor which can be collected. Then add water to the remaining salt/sand mixture; the salt will dissolve but the sand will not. Finally, evaporate the water to obtain the solid salt.

What is iodine salt?

It is any salt with iodine atoms in it.

How can you separate iodine and napthelena in chemistry?

how can we separate iodine and napthelena

How you can separate iodine from salt?

The salt should be an Iodide salt. Put the iodide salt into concentrated sulfuric acid. This will oxidize iodide to elementary Iodine.I- + H2SO4 ----> I2 + SO2 + H2O + HSO4-Another way is treating iodide salt with Chlorine, which will oxidize iodide to iodine and chlorine will be reduced to chloride.2 I- + Cl2 ----> I2 + 2 Cl-

How would you separate iodine crystals from mixture of iodine and sand?

we can separate them by sublimation as iodine sublimes on heating.

Does sea salt have iodine in it?

Yes. Sea salt contains iodine.

Is salt made of Iodine?

Regular "table salt" is a compound of sodium and chlorine. Iodine is often added to it before it's sold, as a dietary supplement to protect against the dangers of iodine- deficiency diseases, but iodine is a separate element that's not involved in the composition of pure table salt. But there are "salts" of other elements too, and they include things like silver iodide and potassium iodide, in which iodine is part of the chemical compound.

How do you separate iodine crystals from table salt?

iodine crystals are black, table salt crystals are white.however I doubt that was your question. I think you are referring to iodized table salt. there are no iodine crystals in iodized salt, instead they add sodium iodide to the table salt. sodium iodide crystals are indistinguishable visually from the sodium chloride crystals of table salt.the only practical way to separate sodium iodide from sodium chloride is the very tedious repetitive process of dissolving the mixed salts and performing fractional crystallization of the solution.

Is sea salt non iodized?

Sea salt does not have iodine added to it. The only salt that has iodine in it says iodized, such as table salt.

What is the process of separating a mixture of iodine and salt?

If I had a large quantity of a mixture of iodine and salt and wanted to separate them, I'd probably just use heat. Iodine turns into a gas at a relatively low temperature (below 200 degrees Celcius), at which temperature sodium chloride is still stubbornly solid.Iodine is also considerably less soluble in water than salt is, so if you don't care about a small iodine impurity in the salt you could just add water and pour off the supernatant solution.

How do you separate pure iodine from impure iodine?

by subimation we can be seperate pure iodine from impure iodine

Does all sea salt have iodine?

no. if it doesnt have iodine, it usually says so on the salt.

How can you separate solid iodine from solid table salt?

with alot of hard work that's way to advanced for your mini mind

Why is iodine used in salt?

Iodine is added to salt to prevent iodine deficiencies. These deficiencies were common and often led to thyroid problems prior to the invention of iodized salt.

Why is there iodine in table salt?

Iodine is usually put into table salt; it is not a natural part of it. The government to decided to put iodine into table salt because table salt is something many people consume, and there people weren't getting enough iodine.

Where can you find potassium iodine in food?

Iodine is in salt

Is iodine rare?

Iodine is added to salt of table so Iodine is rare.

What are the nutritional benefits of iodine?

Iodine is very useful for our body. Iodine deficiency can cause thyroid. So just check your iodine level in your salt which you are using in your food. Better use Iodine Salt.

What is uniodised salt?

salt that does not have iodine in it is known as uniodised salt.